The Basics of Writing a Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essays should combine the elements presented in your course, so you’re expected to summarize relevant sources to analyze them and find interesting information to be used in your paper and cite quotes correctly. Basically, writing a synthesis essay requires you to take facts from one source, synthesize them with details from another course, and make your original and strong conclusions. This academic assignment is focused on how students combine information and connect it to prove their main thesis. Some of them may face certain challenges when writing this paper and this is when our quality and reliable help comes in handy!

Steps to Write Synthesis Essays

There are many things involved in getting started, and you may find most of them quite confusing. That’s why you should make a list of basic aspects that your synthesis essay must include because you can’t miss any of them to earn good marks:

  • Determining a suitable and fresh topic;
  • Finding interesting and original sources about it;
  • Reading them to come up with brilliant ideas, arguments, and facts;
  • Determining your basic purpose and paper type;
  • Making a strong thesis, which is all about the main idea of your synthesis essay;
  • Defining basic points or arguments to support it;
  • Identifying the definitions that readers should know about your chosen subject;
  • Organizing all arguments in a logical order;
  • Finding unique information to support your points;
  • Writing an excellent academic paper.

Don’t forget any information taken from other sources should be paraphrased and cited properly to increase your chance to get high grades.

Different Types of Synthesis Essay Writing

This assignment can be persuasive and informational, and the main difference is in how students present their ideas and supportive arguments. For example, some situations may require you to use either your informative or persuasive focus. As a writer, you need to determine the main purpose of writing this paper. If you need to argue a particular opinion or position, use a persuasive focus. If you want readers to learn something new about the chosen topic, stick to an informational approach.

The Main Components of Synthesis Papers

This assignment should include a few basic elements, such as its introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs. Pay attention to how they must be used to end up with a quality paper because your approach may be different from standard essays.

How to Write a Catchy Introduction

When you write an introduction, make sure that it serves all of its primary duties, such as:

  • Introducing your chosen topic to let the audience know what to expect in the main body;
  • Setting the right tone and defining your targeted readers;
  • Focusing their attention by setting the main purpose of your synthesis essay.

Writing Informative and Interesting Body Paragraphs

The main body of your paper is where you need to present relevant information and your fresh ideas. There are certain rules that must be followed to ensure its high quality, including:

  • Many teachers prefer their students to paraphrase the information taken from different sources rather than being quoted, as this tip makes any writing style more consistent while allowing readers to follow all arguments;
  • Get information from multiple sources to make a stronger claim in your synthesis essay;
  • Each paragraph should contain a clear thesis sentence;
  • Use specific examples to support your claim and use smooth transitions between all ideas;
  • Ensure that all supporting arguments are properly connected.

How to Write a Convincing Conclusion

Writing a synthesis essay also involves providing readers with a strong conclusion that must include a certain point. Repeating your outline is a poor idea, so do your best to communicate to the audience without introducing any new ideas and using cited materials. Contact us if you have any difficulties with any of this essay section!

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