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Waiting Very long: Reducing and Better Handling Wait Occasions in BC

A Policy Daily news by the BCMA's Council on Health Economics & Coverage

June 06\

British Columbia Medical Association June 2006

The BCMA Council on Wellness Economics and Policy (CHEP) reviews and formulates coverage through the use of job oriented groups of practising physicians and professional staff. The Project Group for this paper includes:

Hang on List Managing Project Group Membership Doctor Don Milliken, Chair, Psychiatry, Victoria Dr . Margaret MacDiarmid, General Practice, Trail Doctor John Mathieson, Radiology, Victoria Dr . Surendranath Sanmugasunderam, Ophthalmology, Vancouver Dr . Keith Stothers, Orthopedic Medical procedures, Vancouver

BCMA Council on Health Economics and Coverage (CHEP) Account 2005-2006 Dr . Marshall Dahl, Chair – Internal Medicine/Endocrinology, Vancouver Doctor Geoffrey Appleton – General Practice, Terrace Dr . Plug Burak – General Practice, Vancouver Doctor Brian Gregory – Dermatology, Vancouver Doctor Trina Larsen Soles – General Practice, Golden Doctor Alexander (Don) Milliken – Psychiatry, Exito Dr . David F. Cruz – Paediatrics, Vancouver

Staff support was provided by Michael Epp, Overseer of Insurance plan and Planning; Jonathan Agnew, Senior Coverage Consultant; Michael jordan Kary, Research Analyst; and Linda Kowalski, Administrative Associate.

Contents with this publication could possibly be reproduced in whole or in part, provided the intended use is for non-commercial purposes and full acknowledgement is given to the British Columbia Medical Association.

British Columbia Medical Association June 2006

Table of Contents

Business Summary as well as 1 My spouse and i. II. 3. IV. V. VI. The Wait List Issue / your five Wait List Management Tactics / 9 Wait List Management in British Columbia as well as 11 Hold out List Administration in Canada as well as 14 Foreign Scan about Wait List Management / 21 Tips for Reducing Is waiting in BC / 27

Conclusion as well as 64 Appendix A List of Suggestions / sixty five Appendix M Principles intended for Establishing Clinically Acceptable Hold out Time Benchmarks (Canadian Hang on Time Bijou, 2005) as well as 69 Appendix C Genuine Wait Occasions for Selected Treatments, Selected Provinces – Public Web Site Information by December june 2006 (Health Council of Canada Annual Statement: 2005) / 70 Appendix D 12 Steps Advised Toward one common Framework for Reporting on Wait Moments (Health Authorities of Canada) / 71 Endnotes / 72

British Columbia Medical Connection June 06\

Waiting Too Long


Professional Summary

Wait around lists stay one of the most significant problems facing our heath care system. The importance of reducing waits has been elevated in numerous healthcare reports. In the 2004 federal Throne Conversation, the government stated that " the length of waiting times for important diagnostic category and remedies is a litmus test of your health care program [and] these types of waiting times must be decreased. ” Community opinion research also highlight the importance placed on reducing hang on lists. In a 2005 Pollara Poll, the highest number of respondents (43%) identified lengthy is waiting followed by a shortage of medical doctors (33%) as the most serious complications facing the health care program. A 2006 survey done by the Canada West Foundation found more than 75% of respondents through the western zone identified reducing patient wait around times being a high top priority. This was the best ranking among 17 insurance plan issues. The BCMA feels it is essential to supply a strategy to lessen and better manage hang on times within just BC's health care system. Additionally to providing recommendations, we provide a thorough environmental scan upon what BC and other jurisdictions have done in the area of wait email lists. Lack of reliable data and disagreement on the definition of hang on lists exacerbates the controversy and work to find solutions. Data in provincial holds back in BC are currently obtainable from two main options: the Ministry of Health insurance and the Fraser Institute. The two sources consider that individuals continue to confront lengthy is waiting for booked...

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