Unit6 P1 P2 M1

 Unit6 P1 P2 M1 Essay

Unit6 – Getting yourself ready for Employment in Travel and Tourism

P1, P2 & M1

Marites Marzan

T& T L3 Yr1 GrpB



P1 - Explain career opportunities within several industries in the travel and tourism sector.

Tour Operators

A tour operator takes a holiday rep to function throughout the summer time and winter season to ensure that families on holiday have an pleasant trip. They are the first stage of contact for customers so a holiday agent needs to be ready to answer issue and deal with problems. They often start the morning meeting the excited fresh arrivals with the airport and overseeing transactions to their lodging. From there all their duties may include, giving an initial talk for the facilities plus the area, they may guide and possess where to eat, nearest grocery store or searching area, health club facilities and the area what things to visit and what to find like museums, leisure middle, parks plus more. They also accompany this holiday makers to show and visit a place included on their very own holiday, whilst accompanying these people a holiday consultant explains and describes about the history with the place and talks about the area of the actual expect prove holiday. To be able holiday agent they should understand the place they may be working or perhaps they should be more familiar for their area wherever they doing work and they also must get ready to answer any question. Travel company

Travel firms needs travel and leisure agent who also deals to their customer and handles whatsoever questions and queries consumers have. Inbound and outbound calls must be handle by an experience travel around agent, they also keep updates and keep all of the records of every clients ensure that all their date are shielded and not to share to a other and also they conform to the legal guidelines of a Info Protection Work. As a travel agent they must be properly trained handling buyers, patient and know how to smile on the phone. A travel agent could be on the phone which they called a call hub agent and another travel and leisure agent with the store, they handle consumers who pop in into their branch office to book their very own holiday and any other inquiries.

P2 - Explain the jobs and obligations, entry requirements and advancement routes for two jobs in travel and travel. Tour Operators

A tour operator typically combines head to and travel around components to make a holiday. They will prepare plans. The most common sort of a travel operator's product would be a flight on a rental airline along with a transfer from the airport to a hotel as well as the services of a local representative, all for one price. Mass Market to create for the consumption in large numbers of families on holiday. Meaning earning holidays for all levels of holiday makers and that might suit their needs. Example: TUI and Thompson. Specialist are the one who the particular Holiday and specially design to people with special interest, this could not fit to every visitor. Travel Agents

Travel agents help to make and book transportation, plans, and accommodations for travellers, making it together package. Selling is the sale of goods and services coming from individuals or businesses, retailers are component to an integrated program called the supply chain. Example: Lastminute. com and e-bookers. Business can be an organization active in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers. Companies are predominant in capitalist financial systems, where many of them are independently owned and administered to supply service to buyers for profit. Example: United kingdom Airways and KLM. Contact Centre is actually a centralised workplace used for the goal of receiving or perhaps transmitting a big volume of demands by phone. There are two kinds of call up centre is outbound and other one is incoming. Example: Call a Air travel. Web-based is a web applications are well-liked due to the pervasiveness of internet browsers, and the comfort of using a web browser as a customer, sometimes known as thin consumer. Example: Very break and Travelodge.

M1 - Evaluate two opportunities in...

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