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Today I Feel Silly!

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Target: Students will learn to identify sense and mood words and definitely will practice verbalizing how they truly feel.

ASCA Nationwide Standard Website: Personal/Social Advancement


Regular A: Pupils will get the knowledge, perceptions and social skills to help these groups understand and respect personal and others. um PS: A2 Acquire Self-knowledge

 PLAYSTATION: A1. a few Identify and express thoughts




Today I Feel Ridiculous: and Other Moods that Make My personal Day, by simply Jamie Shelter Curtis

Attached Feelings Bed sheet


1 ) Go around the area (or classroom) and ask college students to explain in words different feelings they have today. Ask them in case it is normal to obtain more than one feeling in a day.

installment payments on your Read Aloud Today I Feel Silly and pause at each illustration to ask the students what they think the sensation is before reading the passage. 3. After examining each passing, pause might students after they have experienced this way to share with the group or class.

4. Request the students regarding the body terminology and area of the young daughter and how come they think the girl looks that way. (Ex: In the event that she is draped over her bed upside down with a look down upon on her face, I don't believe she's as well happy! ) 5. Following some passages, ask college students to show you what the feeling face appears to be on their own encounter. Make the deal with yourself if they have difficulty. 6. Towards the end of the publication, ask the scholars to take becomes practicing the actual currently experience on the thoughts wheel around the back cover.


1 . Ask college students to list new feeling words they learned today. 2 . Question students when it is normal to acquire lots of feelings in one day and remind them that in the event that they have a bad feeling (mad or sad) that they will oftimes be happy once again soon and can use a coping skill to get there faster. 3. Have students practice their sense words with all the attached bed sheet....

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