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1 . Intro: Atticus Finch and Bob Ewell appear to be polar opposites. But in reality have commonalities A. Commonalities – Both equally men are white, one parents, apply a strong influence on their children, and are protecting of their daughters B. Differences - Atticus is non selfish and Bob is selfish; Atticus can be courageous while Bob is cowardly; Atticus' actions illustrate his law-abiding nature although Bob Ewell's actions show his law-breaking tendencies; Atticus is genuine, truthful and demonstrates like while Greg Ewell is usually deceitful and hateful installment payments on your Body: Compare and contrast the two guys in general, and after that in relation to the major themes with the book A. Family scenarios and character characteristics and tendencies of each and every man N. Atticus' courage vs . Frank Ewell's dread. Give example of each by book C. Atticus' love and selflessness vs . Joe Ewell's hate and selfishness D. Atticus dedication to truth and justice versus Bob's fraudulent law-breaking tendencies

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Shelter, Atticus Finch and Frank Ewell will be two heroes who happen to be polar opposites, but they share some major similarities within their lives. Both are single father and mother. Both are light men within a story in whose theme encompases the issue of race. Both mankind has a strong effect on their kids and are protecting of their daughters. However , that may be where the similarities end. Atticus is non selfish and brave while Joe is self-centered and cowardly. Atticus' activities demonstrate his law-abiding nature while Frank Ewell's activities portray his law-breaking inclinations. Atticus' persona exudes credibility, truthfulness and love although Bob Ewell's personality exhibits deceitfulness and hatred.

Atticus Finch is actually a single daddy with two children, Jem and Scout. He cares for these the help of a housekeeper...

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