The Nike Case

 The Nike Case Composition

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Multinational Management –Case Assignments Circumstance Studies & Case Projects General Comments

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The following questions need to be considered as " guiding questions”. That is, these types of questions can stimulate debate within every single group. Yet , groups are encouraged to use a managerial and problem-oriented framework (see " Paperwork on Case Analysis”) for presentations and integrate conceptual thinking as far as possible (evidence of some larger reading to compliment their tactical decision making). Specifically, aim to address the following points: a. Problem declaration – What is the strategic/operational problem the business is facing. If there is no problem, why should all of us bother? w. Alternatives – Develop tactical alternatives, which will alternate paths to suffered future achievement do you discover in view of current data? c. Key Problems – Develop key functional issues/arguments which help you to assess the alternatives. Employ these to make sound decisions as to which alternative you take into account to be excellent and you recommend pursuing. Whenever possible, evaluate the tactical alternative against conceptual/theoretical things to consider (see elizabeth. g. further more readings on the syllabus). d. Conclusion – What is your decision, which proper route should the company go? What are another steps to get the managers? After playing your display, what should the managers do the next day, to help align their everyday activities while using new proper outlook?

Jollibee Foods Organization: International Development Case Decision Issue

Noli Tingzon, newly-appointed international department VP by Jollibee, the Philippinesbased burger chain, is definitely faced with the task of broadening fast food procedures in Asia in the face of hard competition. The situation describes Jollibee's six-year international expansion background the lessons the company has discovered. Against this background, Noli must decide amongst expansion opportunities in Fresh Guinea, Hong Kong, and California. This case shows the motivations and means of international growth strategies, particularly highlighting the organizational features required. Assignment Questions: Jollibee Foods Corporation: International Development

1 . Just how was Jollibee to build its dominant placement in junk food in the Thailand? What sources of competitive benefit was that able to develop against McDonald's in its home market? 2 . Just how would you assess Tony Kitchner's effectiveness while the initial head of Jollibee's intercontinental division? Does his wide strategic drive make sense? How effectively did he develop the organization to implement his priorities?

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3. While Noli Tingzon, how would you deal with three options defined at the end of the watch case? How might you implement the decisions? Further Readings

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Case Acer, Inc.: Taiwan's Rampaging Dragon Case Decision Issue

Describes the strategic, organizational, and management alterations that led Acer from its 1976 new venture to become the world's second-largest computer maker. Outlines the birth of the organization, the unpleasant " professionalization" of their management, the plunge into deficits, and the alteration under owner Stan Shih's radical " fast food" business principle and his " client server" organization version, which are put to the test every time a young merchandise manager in Acer America develops a radically new multimedia home PC with global potential. Shih need to decide...

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