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1 ) According to Zinn, what is his key purpose intended for writing A People's Great the United States? A: to tell vivid descriptions in history that usually gets ignored. Zinn tries to draw out the positive component in the fact.

2 . Precisely what is Zinn's thesis for web pages 1-11?

A: Zinn's thesis is to not really grieve intended for the victims and denounce the executioners.

3. According to Zinn, how can be Columbus described in traditional history literature?

A: Like a great main character that learned the Unites states but was ready to do anything to get what he needed.

4. Why does Zinn argument Henry Kissinger's statement: " History is the memory of states? ”

A: since Zinn thinks that we should not accept the memory of states because our own. Zinn's argument was not against selection, simplification, and emphasis, but his disagreement was against the mapmakers distortion. Zinn says that it is a specialized necessity for the common goal shared by all who require maps.

5. What is Zinn's basic criticism of vem som st?r Samuel Eliot Morison's publication, Christopher Columbus, Mariner?

A: Zinn seems that Morrison mentions the fact quickly and goes on to things more important to him. This individual feels that Morrison tries to cover unhealthy things of all time up with good things that have occurred.

6. What major concerns does Bartolome de todas las Casas talk about regarding Spanish expeditions inside the Caribbean?

A: The major concerns Batolome sobre las Viviendas bring up is definitely Spanish cruelty towards the American indian people.

7. Identify one particular early and one subsequent motive that drove Columbus to suppress indigenous people.

A: 1 early and subsequent purpose that forced Columbus to oppress indigenous peoples is that in return for bringing back gold and spices Columbus was promised 10 percent in the profits, governorship over new-found lands, as well as the fame that might go with it: Admiral from the Ocean Ocean. So he oppressed the Indian persons thinking they knew the place that the gold was, because platinum was a sign of wealth.

8. The thing that was the ultimate destiny of the Arawak Indians?

A: Columbus located the Arawak Indians and kept these people as prisoners in the ship because he insisted they would business lead him to a source of platinum. Most of the Arawak Indians perished on the deliver because of the chilly. Many more had been killed following Columbus guaranteed the california king gold and slaves. The Arawak Indians were given not possible tasks so that as punishment because of not completing all of them, they were slain until eventually none were still left 9. That which was the significance of Quetzalcoatl?

A: The significance of the Quetzalcoatl was that the Aztecs thought that Hernando Cortes was obviously a legendary Aztec man-god that had died three hundred years before promising to return the Quetzalcoatl and so they trustworthy him and welcomed him into their Aztec society by showering him with silver and gold. The Aztecs did not think the Spanish were there to hurt them at all.

twelve. Compare the strategies and motives actual the conquest of the Aztecs by Cortez and the conquest of the Incas by Pizzaro.

A: Pizarro killed mass numbers of people in Peru using the same tactics Cortez did, and he do for the same factors. Pizarro and Cortez destroyed nations intended for gold, slaves, products from the soil, to pay bond and share holders with the expeditions, to finance the monarchial bureaucracies rising in Western The european countries, to spur the growth from the new funds economy increasing out of feudalism, and also to participate in " the old fashioned accumulation of capital. ”

eleven. What had been the major reasons behind war between Powhatans as well as the English settlers?

A: (1) When The english language settlers initially arrived in Virginia one of the Indians stole a tiny silver glass and Richard Greenville sacked and burned up a whole Of india village over it. (2) Jamestown (an English colony) was set up inside Indian confederacy led by Indian main Powhatan. (3) When Powhatan refused to return the errant English guys that traveled to the Indians to seek refuge during the starving period, the English killed some...

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