The Economical Impacts for the Taiwanese High-Technology Industry

 The Economical Impacts on the Taiwanese High-Technology Industry Dissertation

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Sept. 2010 2010

The economic influences on the Taiwanese high-technology sector should China, Japan, and South Korea sign the free trade agreement

|Name: Li, Cing-Yang (Clayton)

|Date: 17/ Sep/ 2010

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Subjective 1

My spouse and i. Introduction you

II. Financial effects on China, Asia, and Southern region Korea if they indication the FTA 2

3. Analyze pros and cons in the Taiwanese

high-technology sector and the actual impacts for the industry in the event China, Japan, and Southern Korea signal the FTA 4

A. TFT-LCD market 4

M. Semiconductor industry 7

C. Communication market 8

IV. Reactions of Taiwan to be more competitive if China and tiawan, Japan, and South Korea sign the FTA being unfaithful

A. Work with other countries as soon as possible 9

B. The role of government and general public foundations 10

C. The response of the Taiwanese high-technology industry 11

Versus. Conclusion 12

Reference 14


The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) among China, The japanese, and Southern Korea could have great influences on the Taiwanese economy. High-technology industry is a main sector of foreign trade in Taiwan. Therefore , in case the tree countries sign the FTA, the end result will result in potential changes in trade for the Taiwanese high-technology industry. This essay will analyze the potential changes in operate between the recommended signatories with the FTA, and use SWOT and figures analysis to have the impact such agreement could have on the Taiwanese high-technology sector, and then go over potential choices and alternatives for Taiwan. The Taiwanese high-technology companies should develop unique attributes and enhance the additional benefit of their items. Moreover, the Taiwanese federal government can reduce tax and focus on teaching high-technology skillsets. Consequently, the Taiwanese high-technology firms can become more competitive in the world industry if China, Japan, and South Korea sign the FTA.

I actually. Introduction

The FTA between China, Japan, and South Korea is an important subject matter related to the region of monetary cooperation. A large number of experts start a lot of exploration on the subject. However , there is seldom analysis talking about how Taiwan will need to react if the FTA becomes reality. High-technology industry is known as a main sector of export in Taiwan, especially in TFT-LCD (Thin film transistor liquefied crystal display), semiconductor, and communication industrial sectors. However , the Taiwanese high-technology industry looks recession lately because of a lot of internal (political problems between China and Taiwan, clashes between the govt and firms, and offshore migration with the Taiwanese high-technology industry) and external factors (changes of international assistance, progress of manufacturing skills far away, and growth of other developing countries). The FTA between China, Asia, and South Korea will cause a lot of negative effects inside the Taiwanese high-technology industry as a result of removal of charges and non-tariff barriers (limitation of importance volume, limitation of export volume, or price control) between Cina, Japan, and South Korea. The Taiwanese high-technology businesses will fear that the elimination of tariffs and non-tariffs barriers will cause the China, Japanese, and South Korean language...

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