Teotihuacan Essay

Title: Teotihuacan – " The City of Gods”


Topic: Areas

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience can describe the setting of Teotihuacan, and explain the various activities that they may carry out there. Central Thought: The wealthy heritage of Teotihuacan causes it to be an excellent destination for tourists. Method of organization: Topical ointment


We. Legend has it that at the beginning of period, Gods met in a town to program the creation of the universe. One of the awesome Gods was chosen to act as the sun when another frail God needed to serve as the moon. Throughout the ceremony, the truly amazing God refrained from tossing himself in to the bonfire as he was scared. That is when the weak The almighty stepped forward and threw himself instead. Self conscious because of his inferior's bravery, the fantastic God threw himself in as well. Sooner or later, two team emerged growing towards the skies. The other Gods irritated with the superb God's rash actions, chosen to dim his light. Hence, changing the fantastic God into the moon, ruined forever to adhere to the sun. II. This legend takes place inside the " Associated with the Gods” or Teotihuacan in the old Aztec terminology. Teotihuacan is a city that lies about 50 km north-east of modern-day South america City. Flourishing for over six hundred years, the city was mysteriously burnt and deserted leaving nothing for all of us to trace besides their typical monuments, art and tombs. III. As a great enthusiast of ancient metropolitan areas holding a great ambiguous history, I have constantly found Teotihuacan intriguing. Because of this, I dug further in the matter and read more about this city. 4. Today, I would really prefer to inform you about Teotihuacan by discussing the historic features of the city and the activities that you can engage in there. Body system

I. To start with, Teotihuacan has been designated like a UNESCO Universe Heritage Internet site, a sign of its wealthy historical features. A. Among the mesmerizing highlights of Teotihuacan that you'll encounter is the city's ancient monuments. 1 ....

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