Supply Chain Management at World Company. Ltd.

 Supply Sequence Management in World Company. Ltd. Analysis Paper

п»їSupply Chain Administration at Community Co. Limited.

Facts of the Case

Industry Information:

Specialty Selling Sector -Women's apparel market in Japan seasonal sector

products have short lifestyle cycles and extremely uncertain require International Competition

3 Distribution Alternatives- company-owned stand alone shops, shops stylish malls, and shops within department stores " store-within-a-store”

Company Facts

Are operating in women's clothing industry

Firm uses both wholesale and retail circulation methods Low cost items are bought from other stores (retailers)

Niche store Private-label apparel (SPA) merchandise including the OZOC and Untitled brands was sold at stores owned by World Uses SPARCS, a business process system that allows Universe to keep an eye on sales developments and focus on customer demand to maximize the efficiency of store support operations Simply by late 1990's World offered over forty different brands in roughly 7, 1000 shops and stores World's divisions are organized by product (brand name)

1998- World Employed 2, 394 workers

Net sales $1. 8 billion dollars and net gain of $32million

Company placed a 3. 5% discuss of the Japanese apparel marketplace

Major U. S. competitors are Difference Inc., The Limited

Grounded in Home Manufacturing

Brand Facts

Geared towards female buyers 25-29 years of age

Annual Product sales 2 . 2 million

Introduce new series twice annually (Spring-Summer; Fall-Winter) Introduced New releases Every 14 days

At the end of 1998, Untitled Brand could be Found in one hundred ten Stores

Qualitative Analysis

Market Analysis:


Lack of Funnel Power

Uncertain Require


Inventory Risk


Fewer Versions In Store Assortments

Fast Changing Fashion Trends (Social)

Low Inventory Levels

Intercontinental Manufacturing

Firm Analysis


World's High Inventory Converts (5/year) (Operations)

47% Gross Margin

Eager Competitive Intelligence- reviewed competitor's brands every single six months (Marketing) Decentralized...

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