SME's Innovation in Media Marketing and Promotions Through E-Commerce and E-Business (Sample Case in Indonesia)

Muhammad Ferdian Rahma Supriyanto, Arman Susilo Nugraha, Cahaya Ekaputri STIE Perbanas Surabaya

Nginden Semolo 34-36, Surabaya 60119

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Without your knowledge by the presence of small , and medium businesses among the large industries are increasing little by little in recent years. Until the year 2010, SMEs have an important role in the Indonesia's Monetary Growth. The technology improvement had become the first actions to encourage companies participating the practice of marketing and new business (Agustine, 2007). Ecommerce is the basis of M-commerce recognized consists of the Business to Business (B2B) and Business To Customer (B2C) (Turban, 2001). For business, the using of E-commerce is definitely an opportunity to reach a wide marketplace with global marketing strategy (one-to-one-marketing strategy). All of us hypothesise that the benefits of technology for small and medium corporations will increase constantly. We analyze the use of ecommerce and elektronische geschaftsabwicklung facilities to get small and moderate enterprises using qualitative methods. In addition , we-took random samples of several SMEs located in Surabaya and its adjacent areas. We hope that in the subsequent years, the SMEs utilizing the latest technology as being a cost reduction, particularly in marketing and promotion costs. All of us also hope that other than using transactions manually or has already computerized, SMEs could make inovation to work with of technology with an online transaction establishments (e-commerce) to customers (Business to Customer), or to other companies (Business to Business). Keywords: Small and Channel Enterprise, Organization to Business, Business to Customer, One-to-one marketing


The government currently gives greater focus on SMEs together with the issuance of the Law. twenty of 2008 on Micro, Small and Channel Enterprises. Mudrajad Kuncoro (2002) also suggested the government to offer attention to producing small companies and homes with 3 reasons, particularly 1) absorb a lot of labor, 2) plays a crucial role in non-oil exports and 3) the emergency held by major industrial economies. Other opinions posted Simatupang, ain al (1994) which declares that small , medium web based the spearhead in alleviating kemiskinan. Beserta comparison of small and large businesses relating to sector survey benefits:

Table one particular Comparison of Large and Tiny Share

in Java and Indonesia (%)

IBM = Industri Tidak kecil dan menengah (Large and Medium Industries) IKRT = Industri Tipis dan Rumah Tangga (Small Industries and Houshold) Origin: Mudrajat Kuncoro (2000)

Technological advances that took place extremely rapidly features encouraged businesses to engage inside the practice of promoting and new company (Agustine, 2007). Internet, included in the advances in technology, offers dramatically reshaping markets and business. The emergence in the Internet as an information service provider facilities also have made people aware of data that came out and agreed upon. Through the Internet, the public has to know the various kinds of information not only from the domestics, but the additional information required people throughout the world also can be diagnosed easily. Facilities in the form of world wide web (World Extensive Web) has turned a move thought to convey more people making use of the facility compared to the facility although the newspapers and television. Firm called Yahoo ( indicates the community will use the internet for future years.

The introduction of the Internet as a form of new data, sharp, plus the actual to the surrounding community, many companies are finally changing the perspective to achieve customers applying this Internet center. Starting from the emergence of Google AdSense as the newest feature of Google to show ads which might be interesting to check out. Meanwhile, the profits gained by the " owner"...

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