Second Moment of Area and Maximum Stress

 Second Moment of Place and Maximum Stress Composition


eng1201 article 10 trouble set (Set No . 6)

1 . Determine the area A, the location from the neutral axis, and the second moment of area (cross section stiffness) IXX for each of the subsequent shapes, and rank all of them in order of increasing stiffness. Scale the measurements from the drawings, and operate mm. For any circle,

ПЂ r4 I=. 4

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2 . A rectangular beam with a cross section 200 logistik x 90 mm spans 6 metres and posesses uniform weight of 2 kN/m. a) Calculate the reactions. b) Attract the shear force and bending moment diagrams. c) Calculate I actually for the cross section, about the axis of bending. d) Calculate the most compressive anxiety in the light beam, and show exactly where it arises along the duration, and on the cross section. e) Compute the maximum tensile stress in the beam, and have absolutely where that occurs over the length, and the cross section.

a couple of kN/m

six metres

a few. The machine aspect shown below can be analysed as an overhung basically supported column. It is manufactured from cast straightener, which is much stronger in compression than in tension. If the optimum stress has to be limited to 31 MPa in tension and 100 MPa in compression, calculate the utmost value with the load L that can be applied.

200 50 200


50 mix section sizes in millimeter 0. a few m

1 ) 0 m


5. Calculate the ideal stress in a beam which includes the combination section drawn below. It truly is subjected to a short while about the YY axis of twenty kN-m (top of the column in compression). Is the optimum stress tensile or compressive?




Sumado a 200

proportions in logistik

Y 40

5. Two 50 millimeter by a hundred and fifty mm solid wood planks happen to be glued collectively to form a To section because shown in the figure listed below. If a bending moment of 5 kNm is placed on the beam acting in regards to horizontal axis (top in compression), a) Find the stresses in the extreme fibers. b) Compute the total compressive force developed by the...

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