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Study Sheet for Biology


Section 3 Principle Checks

Principle Check several. 1:

~Animal Behavior: what an animal does as it treats its environment. ~ Instant Cause: explanation of an organism's behavior based upon its immediate interactions with all the environment

~Ultimate Cause: justification of an organism's behavior depending on its evolutionary adaptations 1 )

Why the actual whales strike bubbles when they touch the area? What permits the whales to blow bubbles if they reach the area?

2 . Tinbergen's wasp exploration involved the two observations and experiments as they observed the female wasps in their burrows and experimented by placing a circle of pinus radiata cones in regards to wasp nesting to see the way the wasps might react.

three or more.

The immediate cause of a behavior is how a creature reacts as the ultimate trigger is why the dog reacts in this way. To illustrate the difference between immediate and ultimate causes of behavior, consider this to be example. When you accidentally feel a warm plate, the arm quickly pulls away. The immediate reason behind this behavior—the how—is the response of your stressed system, which sends signals to the muscle tissue in your equip. A reasonable speculation for the greatest cause—the why—is that all-natural selection provides favored this kind of response, which minimizes harm to the body in a dangerous situation.

Concept Check 3. 2:

~Innate Behavior: A tendencies that is performed correctly by simply all people of a types, even if they may have no previous experience with the behaviour.

~Fixed Actions Pattern: Inborn behavior that occurs as a great unchangeable collection of actions ~Circadian Tempo: rhythmic routine of habit (in a great animal) or perhaps biological circuit (in a plant) under an roughly 24-hour organic cycle

1 .

An animal can simply perform a FAP as a whole " script, " from starting to end. When an animal begins a particular FAP, it generally completes the sequence no matter what happens on the way.

2 . Circadian rhythms are controlled by an organism's internal " biological clock. " Yet note environmentally friendly influence: Daily cycles of sunshine and darker set the organism's neurological clock into a cycle of exactly 24 hours. This conversation of environment with genetic programs keeps the squirrel's body rhythms coordinated having its external community.


An experiment with lovebirds demonstrated that crossbreed offspring could alter inherited behavior based upon experience.

Principle Check several. 3:

~Learning(Learned Behavior): a big change in tendencies resulting from experience' ~Habituation: which usually an animal learns not to respond to a repeated stimulus that conveys little if any important information.

~Imprinting: a generally irreversible sort of learning restricted to a specific time frame in an animal's life ~Conditioning: type of learning in which a particular stimulus or perhaps response can be linked to a reward or consequence ~Insight: carrying out a tendencies correctly or appropriately in a new scenario, without earlier experience 1 )





which a creature learns never to

respond to a repeated stimulation

that delivers little or no


Think of something you hear

that carries zero meaning, like

the ticking of a clock.

Eventually, you stop having to pay

attention to this.


a usually irreversible type of

learning limited to a unique

time period within an animal's your life

A strong connection between two

animals, often a newborn and

its mother or father.


sort of learning in which a

particular incitement or response

is linked to a reward or perhaps


A puppy associates the ringing of

a bell with a treat.

2 . Insight is a great innate behavior while operant conditioning is definitely when an pet learns to associate the own behavioral acts which has a positive or negative result.


One particular hypothesis is always to practice endurance skills and another is very an animal can easily exercise.

Concept Check several. 4:

~Aggressive Behavior: Actual struggles or threatening actions between pets...

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