Probability Ratios

 Probability Percentages Essay

Success ratios

Profitability ratios measure the company's usage of its property and control of its bills to generate a suitable rate of return Gross margin, В Gross profit marginВ orВ Gross Profit Charge[7][8] В::: ORВ:::

Operating margin, В Operating Income Perimeter, В Operating income marginВ orВ Return upon salesВ (ROS)[8][9]

Note: Working income are the differences between operating revenues and operating expenditures, but it is usually sometimes employed as a synonym for EBIT and functioning profit.[10]В This is valid if the firm has no non-operating income. (Earnings before curiosity and taxesВ / Sales[11][12])

Profit margin, В net marginВ orВ net profit margin[13]

Return upon equityВ (ROE)[13]

Returning on assetsВ (ROA ratio orВ Du Pont Ratio)[6]

Return upon assetsВ (ROA)[14]

Go back on property Du PontВ (ROA Du Pont)[15]

Return upon Equity Man PontВ (ROE I Pont)

Go back on net assetsВ (RONA)

Return on capitalВ (ROC)

Risk tweaked return in capitalВ (RAROC)

::: ORВ:::

Return about capital employedВ (ROCE)

Note: this is somewhat a lot like (ROI), which usually calculates Net gain per User's Equity

Cash flow return on investmentВ (CFROI)

Productivity ratio

Net gearing

Basic Earnings Power Ratio[16]

Fluid ratios

LiquidityВ ratios measure the accessibility to cash to pay financial debt. Current proportion (Working Capital Ratio)[17]

Acid-test ratio (Quick ratio)[17]

:; Funds ratio[17]

:; Procedure cash flowВ ratio

Activity percentages (Efficiency Ratios)

Activity ratios measure the efficiency of the companies use of resources. Average collection period[3]

Degree of Operating LeverageВ (DOL)

DSO Rate.[18]

Average repayment period[3]

Advantage turnover[19]

Inventory turnoverВ ratio[20][21]

Receivables Turnover Ratio[22]

Products on hand conversionВ ratio[4]

Products on hand conversion period (essentially same as above)

Receivables change period

Payables conversion period

Cash Conversion Cycle

Financial debt ratios (leveraging ratios)

Financial debt ratios quantify the firm's...

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