Physics Research laboratory Report about Magnetism

 Physics Lab Report about Magnetism Dissertation

Physics Lab Survey: Magnetism

Aim: To compare precisely the permanent magnetic length, the geometric duration and magnet field power of different molded magnets.


* A Bar Magnet

5. A Equine Shoe Shaped Magnet

2. A Cylindrical Magnet

2. A Compass

* Pad

* Leader

* A Wooden Board

* four Needles

5. A bunch of Needles/pins

* A3 Size paper


1 ) We took a wooden plank and some needles, which in turn we hammered to the some corners in the board. 2 . We were offered 3 different types of magnets; Tavern Magnet, Horse Shoe magnet and Cylindrical Magnet and a compass. 3. I actually traced each magnet within the A3 size paper.

4. We started off with tracing the line magnet and took a compass and kept it near the magnet, which then aimed towards the North and used it to bring the permanent magnetic field lines. 5. We, later on tagged the magnet's north post and southern region pole for the paper. six. Then I required the bar magnet and brought it right above the few pins. several. As I first got it above them, the limits got captivated towards the magnetic and got trapped to this. 8. Afterwards, I started to count the quantity of pins/needles, which were stuck towards the magnet and got out the exact number of buy-ins and known down on the paper following to the club magnet diagram. 9. I repeated things 4 to 8, for the rest of the magnets; Cylindrical and Equine Shoe magnetic and labeled it very much the same as I did for the bar magnet.

Hypothesis: I anticipate that, the line magnet will attract the most number of pins, since it is much more more powerful than the additional two magnets; Horse Shoe Magnet and Cylindrical Magnetic. I can also state that the Magnetic filed of the bar magnetic is much more more robust, therefore can attract maximum number of metallic things.

Observation Table:

Sr. No . | Type of Magnet| Magnetic Length| Geometric Magnet | Proportion of Permanent magnet to Geometric| No . of pins Attracted| Relative B| 1| Bar Magnet| your five. 2cm| 7. 7cm| zero. 675| 75 pins| Strongest| 2|...

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