On the Other Side

 On the Other Side Composition

'On the additional side'

I've read a text called " On the other side” which is a part from the book " The Crew” written by Bali Rai.

The text is about a boy, Billy, who covers the life this individual lives together with his friends, mother and stepfather, Nanny, within a ghetto in britain.

The ghetto is stuffed with drug-dealers, drug-addicts, prostitutes and poor people that makes it hard to have there. For that reason, people have started to build their particular " gangs” with the goal of being capable of support and help each other more easily. You could declare a company is like your second family.

The bunch Billy has joined is referred to as " the Crew” but are not settling with any kind of prescription drugs or prostitution like most of some other, old gangs do. Instead, their team is more such as a group packed with supporters. For instance , if anyone in the gang must talk to somebody about a thing that they cannot speak with their mother or educator about. They can constantly turn to their particular gang.

Billy's stepfather, Nanny, is actually a Rastafarian, yet he's not merely one of those who take medicines or rob people. This individual has his own ways. Nanny says that split, heroin and alcohol happen to be drugs, although weed on the other hand is certainly not. In fact , he admits that that weed doesn't damage like medications do and that it is like a spiritual tool that opens his head from mental slavery and helps him relax.

Privately I mainly like Nanny in this account. His technique of seeing everything is very similar to my own, except that I actually am not only a Rastafarian.

The copy writer, Bali Rai's way of describing the environment is incredibly good. While i read about the ghetto I managed to get a picture during my head of " what could have appeared like”. It was just the same if the writer defined the people too. Sometimes I managed to get to know what they were considering which of course made it ready for me to understand how their persona might be.

Something that is important while reading is that the copy writer is always keeping you interested or interested of what is going to happen subsequent. That is...

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