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January 03, 2013 (Thursday)

From this day, there were an positioning with Mister. Roberto Espanyol. First, this individual introduced him self. Then, 1 by 1 we presented ourselves within a sheet of paper. Subsequent, we explained our preferences about a Practice Teacher. Through this day we get to know the other person.

January '04, 2013 (Friday)

After we have to know the other person, we instantly proceed to each of our lesson. We review exactly about our earlier lessons such as the parts of the chapter III and Instructor Roberto released us the kind of their research study like ethnographic research-which range from the researcher's encounters while living within the lives of the study respondents. January 07, 2013 (Monday)

After recapitulate the parts of the chapter 3. We move on with one of the actions of dispersion that is Regular deviation-is many that indicates how strongly the results are clustered around the imply. It has two types the ungrouped data and grouped info. We first discuss the ungrouped data and it has the formula. We found this lesson easy since the formula is very easy and very low simplified and detailed steps.

January 08, 2013 (Tuesday)

As we surface finish discussing the first kind of Standard deviation we immediately proceeded towards the other type of Standard deviation that is the arranged data. They have the same solution with ungrouped data but they differ at suitable intervals. We also available it easy because it is quite simple to follow. Because of that when we include a quiz about it. We have a high report. January 2009, 2013 (Wednesday)

After speaking about the way of measuring dispersion, we preceded to the types of instruments in gathering info in a research study. The forms, interview, and observation happen to be types of instruments. First we go over all about Questionnaires- its meaning, types and usage. Questionnaires are written or imprinted forms utilized in gathering information on some subject/s consisting of a set of questions releasing to and by the participants.

January 10, 2013 (Thursday)

It has 3 types; Survey tips, Open concluded Questionnaires, Fixed- alternative Forms. Each type provides a specific use. Like the Review checklist it truly is used for those who have choices in your questionnaire, the respondents will certainly just check what they just like. Open ended Questionnaires are used when your concerns have followup questions just like why and why not. Fixed- alternative Forms is used for those who have limitation within your questions. With those facts my mind is definitely again filled with knowledge. January 11, 2013 (Friday)

We proceed with all the other form of Instrument that is the interview. Interview is a spoken encounter between your interviewer/researcher and interviewee/respondents where data can be obtained by verbal questioning. In executing this you should follow the recommended steps and stages. After the discussion instructor Roberto given us to produce a simple interview that will be shown on Monday.

January 18, 2013 (Monday)

As I said, last Friday we are given to perform a simple interview. First obviously the 1st speaker presents to the last. In that case after offering, Teacher Roberto gave his comment and suggestions inside our interview. Together with his words of wisdom, we learned to improve our expertise in executing an interview. January 15, 2013 (Tuesday)

Educator Roberto was out that period. So Mr. Alfredo Yaquitin takes over. This individual discussed about the last form of instrument and that is observation. Educator Alfredo described it with six terms and in will go " gathering data using the five senses”. It is very quick, right nonetheless it is full of perception. With that that means without further ado this goes to my mind.

January 16, 2013 (Wednesday)

Teacher Roberto continue the lessons teach by Teacher Alfredo. He offered us the types of Observation and this are Uncontrolled or Casual observation, Manipulated or Formal observation, and Participant remark technique. He discussed this very understandable. So we have it very quick in my mind....

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