Moral decadence amongst teenagers

 Moral decadence among young adults Essay


Norsila Shamsuddin, Muhamad Wazir Muslat, Farid Wajdi Bin Mohd Noor, Noor Fadhzana Mohd Noor, Hafizah Khusni, Mujaini Tarimin

Faculty of Education and Social Sciences

University Selangor

[email protected] edu. my, [email protected] edu. my personal, [email protected] edu. my [email protected] edu. my own, [email protected] edu. my, [email protected] edu. my own ABSTRACT

Simply by abiding to the examples and Sunnah (prophetic traditions) educated by the Telepathist s. a. w, morality among the Muslim adolescents ought to be evident. However the morality scenario is usually worsened. It is posited that awareness and appreciation from the Sunnah in the Prophet t. a. t among the Muslim adolescents is low. Therefore , this analysis aims at examining the level of recognition and admiration of the exemplariness of Prophet Muhammad h. a. t among the Muslim adolescents in Selangor that may further lead to determine the factors leading to it. When it comes to this study, 767 participants from 3 different district schools addressing rural, suburban and cities were chosen to answer organised questionnaires. This kind of structured questionnaire comprised of mainly, ‘uswah'/exemplariness from the Prophet h. a. watts., the practice of the Sunnah and the gratitude the respondents have towards Sunnah. The information acquired from the questionnaire had been be reviewed using SPSS to determine the relevant factors leading to the situation. This research found which the respondents have no idea of the exemplariness of the Forecaster s. a. w, the practice of the Sunnah is limited to the relatives surrounding as well as the practice of the Sunnah is definitely poorly associated with appreciation to it.

Discipline of Research:

Sunnah (prophetic traditions) – Awareness – Appreciation – Muslim Adolescents.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Intro Looking in the efforts of appreciating the Sunnah of the Prophet OBSERVED through articles and standard occasions in Malaysia, it really is apparent which the efforts are substantial. For example , quantity of biographies with the Prophet Muhamamd SAW and writings on his SAW serious characters and attributes happen to be abundant and multidimensional. Also celebrations upon maulid al-Rasul are recognized significantly through the country. Compilations of Specific narrations are usually unexhausted and what more together with the vast translation works performed on them both typically and digitally. Evidencing with these types of facts, apparently the practice of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW simultaneously should be brighten together with the societe made upon him OBSERVED are staying appreciated. However, the situations are not moving in conformity. The simple fact that meaningful decadence between Muslim adolescents became made worse is one concrete evidence of support the assumption. Inside the effect of the situation described over, it is fundamental for research workers to find out the loopholes that can help restore the linkages from the two issues, i. electronic. the efforts to elevate the awareness and appreciation in the Sunnah in the Prophet OBSERVED and the amount of immorality among the adolescents. Therefore, the base level to instigate is by technique of Proceeding in the International Seminar on Sociable Science Study, ICSSR 2013 (e-ISBN 978-96711768-1-8). 4-5 Summer 2013, Penang, MALAYSIA. Arranged by WorldConferences. net 1096

exploring the level of knowledge among the Muslim adolescents on the placement of the Forecaster SAW in their eyes and at the same time on the level of appreciation from the Prophetic Sunnah and their daily applications. To further deepen the understanding on the level of application of the Prophetic Sunnah, additionally it is vital to look at the reasons underlying such applications or methods. Since simply by way of genuinely understanding the nature of the Sunnah, one will be able to abide the nowadays meaning challenges. 2 . Literature Review...

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