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 food safety Essay

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Food security regulations: reducing the risk of foodborne diseases in rural communities of Abia state, Nigeria

G. Elizabeth. Ifenkwe

Office of Rural Sociology and Extension, Michael jordan Okpara University or college of Culture, Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria. E-mail: [email protected] com


Most kitchens, grocery stores and catering houses, especially those in rural neighborhoods, will fail abysmally in the event that subjected to care and foodstuff safety testing. This is when it comes to meals/drinks served and cleanliness of tables, table cloths, utensils, and servers. Nigerian press reports is crammed with situations of hospitalization and fatality arising from make use of adulterated and pretend food/drugs, and fatalities by use of suspended food storage chemicals. Matter for the prevalence of food-borne ill-health, and the ought to reduce the risk and losses associated with all of them, therefore , caused this analyze which examined food protection legislative conditions in Abia State. The finding shows that although pragmatic steps have already been taken in the state of hawaii to address an aspect of food security (increasing food development to prevent hunger) in the concern of foodstuff safety, one more aspect of foodstuff security, received only tangential legislative attention. The daily news notes that even though Nigeria has over nine meals laws, the problem lies with implementation of such laws. That, therefore , suggests that the National Agency pertaining to Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), the food organization in Nigeria be given extra support to enable her lengthen surveillance and awareness-creation activities to the home town. Keywords: Foodstuff security, Practical foods, Foodstuff legislation, Meals safety, Food-borne infections.


Food, a necessity of lifestyle, derives it is importance

from your fact that that stimulates the appetite, and supplies

a number of ingredients that give energy (carbohydrates,

fat, diet fiber); substitute worn out cells, thus

endorsing growth (protein); and help in preventing and

curing disorders (vitamins and minerals). The idea of

healthy eating for

healthy living and long life

(Akobundu, 1999) is not really new A national survey by the

Countrywide Bureau of Statistics upon food expenditure by

claims and item types shows that Nigerians

spent twice (N110, 300, 796) about food because against non-food items (N59, 190, 093) such as clothes, footwear, hire, fuel/light, home goods, wellness, transport,

education, entertainment and drinks (NBS, 2007). Necessary protein

foods had been found to be the most expensive food

commodities (N24, 136, 671), followed by cereals (N23,

432, 085), and processed food (N15, 376, 021).

Apart from serving a biological need, food is becoming

an economic and political weapon (Omotayo and

Denloye, 2002; Agbamu, 2009). Issues of food protection

and low income have been recognized as necessary

circumstances for the creation of the stable socio-political

environment to get sustainable economical development

(Jibrin, 2004). It truly is, therefore , not surprising that

removal of extreme lower income and being hungry is one of the

8-10 millennium advancement goals going be achieved

by simply 2015.

Individual nutrition essentials require that food end up being consumed

in an unbound, lowered and healthful form so as to

facilitate digestion, absorption and excretion. In addition, it

requires that food consumed to promote health

does not make up any sort of health hazard or such

diet disorders while obesity, underweight, iron

deficiency, dental picadura and allergies. Others happen to be


attention deficit, hyperactivity, disorder autism, range

disorder, daily fat and heart disease (Mahan

and Escott-Stump, 2004). Dietary requires are dictated by

physical, physiological, pathological and other circumstances,

including the condition of disease, guerison,...

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