Lululemon Essay


Assignment #1

July 27, 2009





The indicator is very obvious, because the switch of the attention, through the seaweed articles, the VitaSea line statements to reduce tension and provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hydrating and cleansing benefits to its users, but the Ny Times' check showed zero evidence of ocean weed in Lululemon's clothing. This kind of sent Lululemon's stock selling price on a rollercoaster ride. Previously, Lululemon had been enjoying outstanding stock functionality, reaching $60 a talk about after a great IPO cost of $25 in September. Next day, the stock closed at $41. 50(Robert Bondadoso 2009). As the stock will be fluctuating, the modern retail store in Tokyo, Japan has been a failing because lack of knowledge of the lifestyle difference. Strategy Applied

An additional smaller element of strategy with regards to the focus of the organization on expansion is the fact that they can did not the actual change of social and environmental forces, especially in Asia, a very distinct market. Couple of marketing changes were made with this sector. All those changes needs to be focused on the culture difference and the trendy design big difference. External Elements

Strategy Implementation



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