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Executive Summary2


Reasons behind Delay3

Assumptions and Facts4

Alternative you: Regional Solution5

Alternative two: New Catwalk 14/327

Substitute 3: Peak-Period Pricing10

Alternative 4: Fresh Runway and Peak-Period Pricing12

Recommendation & Conclusion13


Executive Overview

This record aims to evaluate and make an attempt to reduce Logan airport's delay problem in the year 2000. The airport was experiencing unsatisfactory numbers of delays due to three main concerns: 1) Conditions, 2) Blend aircrafts, and 3) Overscheduling. Under normal weather, the three-runway setup is sufficient to manage incoming and outgoing planes. However , the delay problem at Logan is the most acute during severe weather, as only one runway is permitted to operate. With annual procedure expected to maximize to 510, 000 to 656, 500 in 2015, it is crucial that Logan finds a powerful solution to have enough capacity over time to handle this expected demand. This report examines four possible alternatives proposed to reduce Logan's delay complications: 1) Move demand to other regional airports, 2) Build a new runway, 3) Implement peak-period pricing, not only that, 4) Combining peak-period prices with the building of a fresh runway. Upon analysis, all of us found that while diverting demand to different regional international airport may provide some immediate relief to throughput (average inflow level of planes), it may not be sustained inside the long-term, because growth of require is only to be delayed, not really eliminated. Subsequent, building a new runway was identified as an effective solution. Inspite of its first fixed cost of $100 , 000, 000, it can help Logan save $5, 196. ninety two and $251, 739. thirty six per hour of delay avoided under negative and severe weather, correspondingly. Furthermore, peak-period pricing was also identified as a viable remedy by reducing the variability of inflow rates – as a result, the incremental gain is forecasted to be $57, 037, 500 in 2015. Lastly, we find the most effective solution that produces the highest profit is to incorporate peak-period charges with the building of a fresh runway. In doing so , Logan can save usually 153, 500 hours of delay annually, which provides around total expense saving of $504, 779, 925 and $546, a hundred seventy five, 400 in 2000 and 2015, respectively. In conclusion, we recommend Logan to put into practice peak-period pricing with the building of a new runway – as a most reliable solution to decrease delay hours, to save significant delay-related costs, and to support increase in demand as forecasted in the near future.


Logan Airport, located by East Boston, was the 5th most significantly late airport in the us in 2001 with an average of 47. your five delays every 1, 500 flights. It really is operated and managed simply by Massachusetts Slot Authority (Massport). The airport terminal served twenty seven. 4 , 000, 000 passengers in 2000, and there were 479, 000 flights that arrived/departed from Logan Airport in 2001. Under is a method flow plan of Logan Airport's airline flight arrivals and departures beneath normal climate conditions.

Figure 1 . 1 Circulation Diagram of Logan Airport terminal






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According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the definition of delay pertains to aircrafts which have waiting period exceeding 15 minutes (Research and Innovative Technology Administration, d. d. ). And the causes of delays by Logan International airport include climate, mix of aircraft and overscheduling. Causes of Delay

1 . Conditions

Adverse the weather is a main cause of air travel delays. About 70% to 75% of delays inside the U. T. can be related to weather-related problems. The Boston region regularly suffers from undersirable climate conditions, just like fog, snow and solid winds. The severe weather conditions can cause 2 to 3 of Logan's runways being closed. 2 . Mix of Aircrafts

40% of Logan's planes are small , and non-jet airplane, 16% to 19% happen to be...

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