Literary Conditions

 Essay on Literary Terms

п»ї1. Allegory- a story, or account, used to stand for something a. Tortoise and the Hare

2 . Antagonist- a rival or adversary; opponent

a. Voldemort

3. Characterization- how you action to represent a specific character; what sort of character is definitely described a. Hermione is known as a bookworm

4. Climax- the very best point in a literary job; usually a resolution or major turning point a. When Voldemort kills Harry

5. Conflict- a struggle between characters or opposing sides/ideas a. The principal struggle in Harry Potter is among good and evil. six. Connotation- the secondary meaning of a expression usually extracted from a societal view a. Swag means awesome once used by teenagers,

7. Convention- accepted norm of publishing

a. How the resolution uses the orgasm

8. Denotation- the dictionary definition of anything

a. Wind is surroundings in all-natural motion.

on the lookout for. Denouement- the ultimate resolution of the plot

a. The denouement of Harry Potter comes when Harry kills Voldemort in the 7th book. 15. Diction- style of speaking or perhaps writing

a. The author of Paradise in the Blind uses lots of images. 11. Exposition- a crafted work or speech built to convey information or explain a. The students were required to write expositions for their instructors over mitosis. 12. Falling action- the section of a literary plan that occurs following your climax and the resolution of the conflict a. The falling action of Harry Potter 7 is usually after Voldemort kills Harry and Harry accepts his death. 13. Figurative Language- language that uses statistics of talk, similes, and metaphors a. An example of figurative language is a metaphor.

18. Flashback- a literary unit for applying a scene from before chronologically in a section of the literary operate which best suits the author's desire a. The book Every Quiet on the Western The front uses flashbacks to wonderful effect. 12-15. Foil- a personality that will serve by contrast to highlist or emphasize opposing traits in another character. a. Mercutio can be described as foil to Romeo.

16. Foreshadowing- suggesting,...

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