Launch a product in the Irish Industry

 Launch a product in the Irish Market Essay


The rise in the cereal market in Ireland has grown significantly in the past few years. Cereal bars are now put into the front of the brains of the busy, active customer as the best ‘on the go' treat bar. The cereal pub market provides experienced significant growth due to the position on the market as an easy to prepare and nutritious breakfast time replacement. Through modern and traditional techniques of advertising just like billboard, press and the use of technology we all aim to build NomBar among the top options for the consumer who may be looking for a healthy, nutritional cereal bar.


Online marketing strategy

• Very clear campaign goals

• Collection and approval of concentrate on market(s)

• Positioning concept

• Environmental and competitor analysis

• Evaluation & control components


Campaign Targets:

• To launch a gluten free and low in sugar food bar in the Irish marketplace. • We now have identified the target market to become students and young doing work professionals. • To position the product at the front end of the consumers mind when choosing a great ‘on the go' breakfast bar.

• Our emphasis will be on the health benefits in the bar; also to overcome virtually any barriers or concerns just like sugar articles which is associated with obesity in grown-ups and teens. We are proposing a soft start of NomBar at the end of August and a full start in Sept. 2010 when college students return to school. This will enable us to achieve our two target markets simultaneously. We now have applied a good plan to all aspects of each of our campaign goals.



Variety and Approval of Target Market


Sarah is a young scholar, studying in Dublin. She gets early

classes, and is a coeliac. She's a busy young lady, and when she's not learning, she can be seen playing around onto her phone. The girl with tapped in to Facebook like many of her peers and needs a quick, effective food to seize on her method into school, with a cup of joe, of course.


student-girl-books-headphones-26265396. jpg)




Michael can be described as 28 year old start-up businessperson. Never found without his laptop, he could be always dressed up and ready to fulfill a new

client, and often noticed darting

about Dublin Metropolis Centre by

meeting with customers to conferences

with his design team. Due to

his frantic lifestyle this individual has little time

to eat an amazing meal between

meetings, and has little time to go

for the gym. He wants to maintain his

well being in check when being able to feel full longer ( videos/4483715/preview/stock-footage-attractive-mixed-race-young-professional-maleworking-or-social-networking-on-a-laptop-computer-in. jpg)



a few


Gareth is known as a 30 yr old graphic designer. With an imaginative eye and a telephone in his correct hand constantly, Michael is aware of

digital, on the web and design styles.

Sure, really part of his job. Eileen is

also strongly devoted to

environmental causes and only

purchases organic food. He hails from

Ranelagh and works on the north

side, and walks or cycles

everywhere to reduce his own

footprint. Michael jordan needs a

foodtype that meets walking, or maybe a quick chew when he gets into the office in the morning. (nsdesign. company. uk)

( h to t s: / as well as w watts w. and s m e s i g n. c o. u k as well as b m o g / t p - c to n capital t e in t / u s l um a m s as well as 2 0 1 three or more / zero 6 as well as iStock_000020099373XSmall-2. jpg)



-- Irish marketplace


-- Fast moving, ease and quality seeking individual

- Uses a trendy, innovative and energetic lifestyle

- Need for a normal, gluten free of charge and inexpensive Irish food bar item Demographics: There has been significant progress in the demand for cereal bars in the 25-34 year old era market. Overall cereal pubs are viewed as a healthy munch, and as NomBar is clear of gluten and low in sweets our product will charm to coeliacs and also low coeliacs. (Mintel


• Time limited consumers: On average the Irish working specialist will dedicate...

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