Jordan Metal Company Case Study

 Jordan Metallic Company Case Study Essay

Jordan steel company


JSC's mission

Our task is to offer our clients top quality products. In addition, we want to always be the leading U. S metallic manufacturer organization. We pay attention to high quality, high carbon, and high margin metallic wire. We all also leading new types of line. We assurance to maintain the reputation intended for high quality products.

Creation function mission:

We guarantee to maintain the quality of our in house design/construction of the own gear and to generate high quality criteria for our products to exceed our customer's targets.

This is certainly an research of the talents, weaknesses, chances and external threats: Talents:

•High top quality product: that is what made these people spread quickly throughout the country. •Good standing: for their high quality, high carbon, large margin steel wires.

•Large business: the variety of many ranging from music wires intended for music musical instruments to auto manufacturers and tyre makers, wires for use in favorites, nails, cords etc…. to electrical companies newly rising aircraft sector.

•The ability to produce their own equipment: this is cost effective to make your own equipment.


•Depending on one supplier: this really is a major weak point and the supplier is offering higher in prices together with the lowest quality.

•No flexibility towards alterations: no proper planning, not any alternative arrange for anything that may possibly happen. For instance , the sudden fall in rates and attacks, new rivals, domestically and offshore competition.

•They happen to be disorganized inside their company position and the structure is located at random.

•The addiction on one perspective, which is marketing/sales, while they lack having an procedures department neither financial section, which is vital to every business.

•The deficiency of development upon machinery: they are really behind technology; their equipment are 50 years old and so they did not catch up with new technology.


•Going global: after prospering within the condition, they could have gone internationally to attract more customers and flourish across the world. • Maintain a large market share: with the military, the music instrument industry plus the air composing industry.


•External Rivals: the Japanese who also invaded the U. S market using their good prices, high quality and satisfactory delivery time, which is regarded a very dangerous threat. • Environmental adjustments: as mentioned previously, the unexpected fall of prices and change in demands.

After determine the weakness of the organization I possess decided to go through details and review the corporation decisions to be able to define the defected details within the firm.

OM decisions within the business starting with:

1-Product design: many are well made and have a superior quality, as well as substantial margin metallic wire. The merchandise are varied; ranging from music wire pertaining to instruments just like piano/violins; copper, tin and also other coated cable, to large tensile-wire pertaining to newly emerging aircraft industry. 2-Quality managing: Their priority is to provide the best quality in its products. 3-Process and capacity design: The task is called " process focus”, which is typical for such an industry to adopt such a procedure. 4-Location: This is certainly one of their very own main problem; they spread out over the states arbitrarily for not any obvious cause. Their headquarters are in Pittsfield, Rhode Island with (500 employees), Akron, Kansas (100 employees) and los Anglos (16 employees). Growing like that will not make sense. 5-Layout design: It can be organized well and they convey an " in-house design/construction” of their own equipment 6-Human methods and work design: another defect the organization has is the employment of your former product sales manager because the director of the company whereas there is absolutely no obvious procedure manager and never even a fund department manager. How can a business exist those three departments?! Obviously for the reason that...

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