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I actually __________ of class _______ thereby declare this investigatory job of biochemistry on " Study of presence of Oxalate Ion content in Guava fresh fruit at different stages of ripening” is manufactured by my hard work and efforts within the supervision of our Chemistry Teacher__________________ Signature: ___________________

Introduction & Objective

Guava is a fairly sweet, juicy and lightweight dark green girl fruit, once ripe that acquires a yellow color & has a penetrating strong scent. It is full of vitamin C & nutrients. It is a rich source of oxalate and its articles in the fruits varies during different stages of ripening. In this task, we will be taught to test to get the presence of oxalate ions inside the guava fruits and how it amount varies during distinct stages of ripening.


Oxalate ions will be extracted from your fruit simply by boiling pulp with dil. H2SO4. After that oxalate ions are believed volumetrically by titrating the dilution with standard KMnO4 solution. fig: - Oxalate Ion

Requirements: -

95 ml. Testing flask, pestle & mortar, beaker, titration flask, channel, burette, weight-box, pipette, filtration paper, thin down H2SO4, N/20 KMnO4 answer, guava fruits at several stages of ripening.


1 . ) Weigh 40. 0 g of refreshing guava & crush this to a fine pulp using pestle-mortar. installment payments on your ) Transfer the smashed pulp into a beaker & add about 50 milliliters. dil. H2SO4 to it. Boil the contents for approximately 2 moments. 3. ) Cool & filter the contents within a 100 ml. measuring flask. Make the amount up to 95 ml. with the help of distilled normal water. 4. ) Take 20 ml. with the solution through the measuring flask into a titration flask& put 20 milliliters. of dil. H2SO4 to it. Temperature the mix to about 60oC & titrate that against N/20 KMnO4 option taken in a burette. five. ) END POINT: overall look of long lasting Light-Pink shade.

6. ) Repeat...

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