Aims and Objectives of Teaching English

 Aims and Objectives of Teaching English Essay

Aspires and Targets of Teaching English language. Unit-1. M

Unit-1 Bass speaker point-B

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A] Aims and objectives training English in secondary level

The following are the main objectives training English at secondary level.

1 . To build up knowledge and understanding of Sentence structure.

2 . To develop abilities to work with the grammar in own writing The english language. 3. To understand the meaning of English passage.

4. To formulate interest in browsing English passages/ literatures. your five. To develop self study habit.

6. To boost competencies on paper essays and gist with the passage in own words/ language. six. To develop their very own insight and favorable attitude towards The english language language. almost eight. To developing the understanding about rules of sentence structure and their use in writing English language. B] Aims and objectives training English for Higher supplementary level

1 ) Motivate college students for more learning English language.

2 . To encourage for composing poems and producing essay.

three or more. To develop the ability for clasping the concept of the poem or perhaps English verse. 4. To encourage the students for publishing the meaning or theme of poem or verse in their very own words. a few. To develop the capacity of appreciation of concepts and criticizing the pondering. 6. To formulate the creativeness of the college students related to mental ability and reasoning or fluency of language. 7. To develop the capacity of comprehension of other university subjects. 8. To develop the mastery of language for expressing his ideas, emotions and experiences. 9. To formulate the ability of evaluation and analysis of language pieces. 10. To formulate the beliefs, moral and character from the students.

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