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п»ї5. Individual Representation Paper on Your 5020 Group Experience: Group work is a crucial skill in today's workplace whether it is virtual groupings or face-to-face. In this school you will be sharpening your group work skill; much of your coursework will be done collaboratively and virtually. This individual project will give you a chance to reflect on the group knowledge and connect it to concepts and theories provided in the course. You are asked to describe just how your group/team evolved within the term in the course including: What had been the dynamics that occurred between the members and within the group? Just how can they out-do the book description of group aspect? What composition emerged pertaining to the group? How would your group's process beat the process referred to in the textbook? Was right now there any discord that may have got arisen within your group? Just how was it resolved? How exactly does this beat the process of conflict described inside the textbook? Do your group have an innovator? If so , how were they picked?

What connection issues would you face in your group? How were the problems fixed?

You are then asked to connect the experience with group dynamics concepts presented in this time to demonstrate their significance. You are usually asked to compare and contrast the intra-group issue experience with techniques presented in the course. The expression paper needs to be 15-20 pages in length and really should include referrals to the book and other sources as well as at least 6 relevant journal content.

Individual Reflection Paper for the Group Encounter Grading Rubric Criterion

Will not meet simple criterion

Satisfies basic requirements



Offers a complete summary and discussion of the group's evolution through effective Table of Contents, Introduction and Summary Does not provide Table of Articles introduction and summary. (14) Introduction and summary related to the selected OB matter; may shortage Table of Contents. (16)...

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