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If the secretariat finds that the submission is incomplete, it shall request the supporter to submit the missing or perhaps revised documents and/or data. In this case, the proponent shall submit the requested paperwork and/or information to the secretariat within days of invoice of the ask for. If the supporter does not post the expected documents and/or information at this time deadline, the secretariat shall conclude that the submission is definitely incomplete.

54. After conclusion in the completeness check, the secretariat shall inform the advocatte for the conclusion in the completeness verify. If the submission is deducted as unfinished in accordance with paragraph 53 above, the secretariat shall likewise communicate the underlying reasons to the supporter. In this case, the proponent may resubmit the proposed revised methodology or perhaps methodological device with revised documentation whenever you want. Upon submitter, the revised documentation should be treated like a new submitting of a ask for revision of your approved strategy or methodological tool beneath this procedure.

6. 1 . 3. Primary assessment

55. After positive realization of the completeness check, the secretariat shall conduct a preliminary assessment with the submission making use of the " Accepted baseline and monitoring methodology/methodological tool version request first assessment” form (CDM-AMIA-FORM) and IFG regular within thirty days of the deadline for distribution referred to in paragraph forty-nine above, to determine whether the submission qualifies for consideration by relevant methodological panel or working group and the Board. 56. In the event that, during the primary assessment, the secretariat determines minor issues in the submission, it shall request the proponent to transmit the absent or revised documents and information. In cases like this, the supporter shall fill in the expected documents and information towards the secretariat within just five days of receipt from the request. In the event the proponent would not submit the requested documents and/or information by this deadline, the secretariat shall conclude that the submitter is imperfect. 57. Upon conclusion of the initial examination, the secretariat shall notify the proponent of the conclusion from the initial examination. If the distribution is determined as untrained for concern, or incomplete in accordance with paragraph 56 above, the secretariat shall as well communicate the underlying reasons to the supporter. In this case, the proponent may possibly resubmit the proposed revised methodology or perhaps methodological application with revised documentation without notice. Upon submitter, the modified documentation should be treated being a new distribution of a request for revision of an approved technique or methodological tool under this procedure.

58. In case the submission can be concluded since qualified intended for consideration by the relevant methodological panel or perhaps working group and the Panel, the secretariat shall associated with submission widely available on the UNFCCC CDM website intended for global stakeholder consultation. The duration of the period for submitter of responses for the global stakeholder discussion shall be two weeks. After this period, the secretariat shall produce all responses received widely available on the UNFCCC CDM website. 6th. 1 . some. Preparation of draft recommendation

fifty nine. The secretariat shall prepare a draft recommendation to the relevant methodological -panel or working group on the proposed modified methodology or methodological application for CDM-EB70-A36-PROC Procedure: Advancement, revision and clarification of baseline and monitoring methodologies and methodological tools

Version 01. 1

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which the submitter has been regarded qualified, considering the comments received in the global stakeholder discussion, and making use of the form " Approved baseline and monitoring methodology/methodological application revision recommendation” form (CDM-AMRR-FORM).

62. In setting up the draft recommendation, the secretariat may well, taking in...

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