How to Write a Position Paper

Many teachers require their students to submit a quality and original position paper. Basically, this assignment is a special essay that details a topic, and its successful completion requires you to organize valuable ideas to share a personal opinion with the targeted audience. How to write a position paper? First, you need to do your deep research and use helpful tips, or you can always use our professional services that will bring you academic success fast.

How Your Writing Process Should Start

For many students, writing a good position paper seems to be quite a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if they’re new to it. You should learn how to get started to gather important information and outline brilliant ideas to structure this assignment and impress readers.

Important Issue Criteria

To take a specific side on the chosen subject, you need to evaluate whether it’s arguable. There are certain questions that can help you come up with the strongest argument:

  • Are you choosing a real issue with its uncertainty and genuine controversy?
  • Are you really interested in advocating and supporting a certain position?
  • Can you determine any distinctive positions?
  • Is the scope of your issue narrow and easily manageable?

Why to Consider Your Audience

Position papers shouldn’t be too long and they must include a catchy introduction followed by interesting ideas and strong arguments on the discussed topic. Besides, this assignment should provide facts and effective proposals for resolutions. You need to make a special list with both pros and cons to compare opposing sides. Don’t forget to consider your targeted audience and your personal viewpoint when choosing the right position to take when completing this academic assignment.

However, considering your readers doesn’t mean playing up to professors. Your basic goal is to convince people that your opinions are sound and you can support them effectively, so think about their personal ways of thinking to succeed. As a student, you need to make certain decisions about the background information you will include, terms that will be explained, and other details that your position paper must have. There are certain questions that should be asked when determining your point of view:

  • Is your topic original and interesting to readers?
  • Is it possible to manage available materials within the specifications of your teachers?
  • Can you gather enough information to support your stance?
  • Does your chosen topic offer something specific or unique?

Writing the Rest of Your Position Paper

When writing this academic assignment, make sure that it contains all important characteristics. You should use all available tips and tools to submit an excellent paper and earn good marks. How to write a position paper? After reading the following points, you’ll answer this question easily.

The Key Characteristics of Good Position Papers:

  • A brief and catchy introduction of your chosen topic and its background information;
  • A list of important issues discussed to provide readers with a better idea of your viewpoint;
  • Interesting quotes to support your opinion;
  • Any relevant statistics if they can help you prove your thesis;
  • Effective resolutions and conventions that you can offer;
  • Actions that you both oppose and support;
  • Your conclusions about the actions that should be done to address this issue.

Useful Position Paper Writing Tips:

  • Keep this paper as simple as possible to communicate your ideas effectively and strongly (avoid all complicated words and sentence structures);
  • Make it more formal and realistic to impress teachers and forces other to read it;
  • Get better organized because all separate ideas and proposals should be discussed in their own body paragraphs that start with a unique topic sentence;
  • Cite all the sources used in your paper and use endnotes or footnotes according to the chosen formatting style;
  • Proofread and edit your position paper.

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