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I. Problem/Needs

a. San Nicolas Grammar school (s. y. 2013-2014) offers 765 enrollees, 43 educators, nonteaching, employees, personnel, including its maintenance. Previous university years, review through interview shows that the college has no canteen. What they did was a classroom canteen wherein educators allow exterior vendors to sell foods, appetizers in every classroom during break period. This practice made incorrect impact as well as its advantages towards the entire university campus. Instead of 30 minutes break time, study shows they may have 45 minutes and lessons are affected.

b. Outside vendors aren't known by pupils and teachers. That they just give their cooked properly foods to students without knowing or unsure with the safetiness of what they are going to ingest. They how to start how and who manufactured the foods. Other parents also go inside the school to give snacks to eat with their children during recess time which make break time much longer. School staffs observed this example and they made a decision to really include canteen as soon as possible.

c. During the 1st meeting from the school 12 months 2013-2014, the PTA conference tackled the subject about school canteen, they need to have it. Like a situation for the need in the school, the principal set an additional meeting to meet interested father and mother who wants to take care of the canteen. As a result, college pupils, instructors and other staff now have their break time properly. Manager of the canteen improved the school canteen, and prepared it intended for the new canteen. Now, San Nicolas Elementary School is nearly for safer, better and more convenient canteen for all.

II. Statement of Vision, Quest and Ideals


The college will provide a great source of foods for the pupils, professors and parents in the school. Healthy foods, price of foods will definitely be right for everyone.


The school may have a canteen on its own, been able by the school itself or any representatives through the PTA member. Foods will certainly be...

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Essay Hard Draft

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