Harley Davidson Inc. 2008: Thriving By using a Recession, Case 16

 Essay regarding Harley Davidson Inc. 08: Thriving Through a Recession, Case 16

Harley davidson Davidson Incorporation. 2008: Thriving Through a Recession, Case sixteen Mgmt 479A, Week 3 Dropbox you

November 13, 2011


Harley-Davidson is a 105 year old motorcycle maker. William Harley davidson and Arthur Davidson chose to design and build a motorcycle in 1901. Simply by 1903, that they had built and sold three motorcycles and in 1907, the Harley-Davidson Motor unit Company started to be incorporated. The corporation was acquired by AMF Inc in 1969, however the main emphasis was on short-term revenue which inevitably sent consumers elsewhere and 1981, Vaughn Beals lead a leveraged buyout to get Harley-Davidson out from under AMF.

Under new management, primary changed toward production and consumers. Your research and advancement department indexed momentum and during the early 1990's they made a decision to invest in Buell Motorcycle Business providing these people entry in to sport/performance motor bike market. By 1996, the company decided to products all of its attention to the motorcycle organization. This meant eliminating the Transportation Automobiles segment which in turn sold for regarding $105 , 000, 000. 1997 brought significant changes internally as well as the launch of new products with the aid of an intense purchase expert named Garry Berryman.

James L. Ziemer performed for Harley-Davidson for 38 years before you replace CEO Jeffrey Bluestine when he retired in 2005. The Harley-Davidson name had been finding itself in places like Forbes " Company from the Year” and ranking in Business Week/Interbrand Annual Ranks Top 95 Global brands and on Fortune's list for " Many Admired Companies. ” By 2008, the recession was playing it toll and raising question about what was in store for the Harley-Davidson Company. Resources:

Brand Name: Harley-DavidsonSuppliers

International dealershipsFinancial Capital

Buell Motorcycle CompanyManufacturing Locations

H. O. G. & BRAGE-Commerce

Financial Services: HDFSJane Magazine

Raw materialsInnovation: CAD System, GUY System

Gifted Managers: Ziemer, Berryman, Bluestine

Human Resources: experienced employees, union & non-union workforce, board of owners Technological Methods: patents, logos, trade term


RecruitingResearch & Advancement

Manufacturing MotorcyclesMotorcycling Lifestyle

Marketing & DistributionRider Training & Safety

Correct production schedulesStrategic Management

Tactical Alliance

Primary Competencies

Proper AlliancesResearch & Development

Making MotorcyclesBrand Identity

H. U. G. ClubMotorcycling Lifestyle

Driver Training & SafetyPatents, Trademarks, Trade Titles Financial Services: HDFS

Finding of Fact #1:

Harley-Davidson's primary customer base is shifting while the baby boomer population can be aging. Recommendation/Justification:

In 2006, the regular age for choosing a Harley-Davidson was about forty seven years old using a median home income of $82, 75. Of those purchased, 88% were made by guys, while simply 12% had been purchased by simply women. Buell was off to a terrific starting point in 2k, by generating the Buell Blast since it was not just considerably more compact, it was even more light weight compared to the traditional heavyweight models and it was cheaper. Statistics were showing the median age on this bike purchase was around 38 years old and 50% had been purchased by simply females. Concentrate is turning to smaller segments for women and younger decades.

I think these kinds of statistics could send Harley-Davidson down the correct path. More time and cash need to be put in research and development to find out, not necessarily what females wish, but what they physically need in order to have a secure and fascinating ride. My co-worker and her spouse purchased a Harley some three years ago and shortly after that, she decided to get her motorcycle license. She never drove this however since the motorcycle was physically overweight for her to use.

I believe Harley-Davidson needs to help to make more of a marketing effort to appeal to 20...

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