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Game 4: Harborco


Harborco is a pool of expansion, industrial, and shipping problems interested in building and functioning a deepdraft port. They have already picked a site pertaining to the slot, but are unable to proceed without a license in the Federal Licensing Agency (FLA). The FLA is ready to grant Harborco a license, yet only if it secures the support of at least 4 of 5 different parties: environmentally friendly coalition, the federation of labor assemblage, a range of additional ports in the region, the National Department of Coastal Assets (DCR), plus the Governor in the host express. The parties have a number of issues to negotiate ahead of deciding if to approve the dock, including the types of companies that will be acceptable to locate nearby the port, the extent that environmental damage be mitigated, the extent to which structured labor will be given inclination in hiring during building and operation of the dock, the amount of any federal economic assistance to Harborco, and the volume of any compensation to other plug-ins in the region for potential monetary losses?


This video game is best played with 12 people (2 per role) even though 6 people also works. A game title manager is needed to conduct regular votes and also to answer questions. Game instructions need at least 30 minutes to learn; more prep is helpful. Talks require a the least 2 hours. The more time allowed for settlement the better.

Major Lessons

When the game is played out by several groups concurrently, the comparison of outcomes is definitely instructive. Typically, some teams will reach agreement plus some will not. Few groups will certainly reach unanimous (6-way) agreement.

Players are exposed to elementary energy analysis in the point scoring scheme. The importance of pre-negotiation analysis in evaluating options is illustrated. The players can then explore just how and so why different discussing strategies generated different outcomes.

Multi-issue, multi-party negotiations have a tendency...



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