Progress Theory and Long-Run Habit of Economic system

 Growth Theory and Long-Run Behavior of Economy Article



Growth Theory and Long-Run Behavior of Economy

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Growth Theory and Long-Run Habit of Economic climate

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Antara Islam

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14 June, 2013

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Summer 11, 2013

Dr . ShuddhasattwaRafiq


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Subject: Submission of the essay in Growth Theory and the Long-Run Behavior of Economy.


This can be a pleasure of mine to submit the essay on Growth Theory and the Long-Run Tendencies of Overall economy. Theessay highlights how development theory clarifies the long-run behavior of economy. This kind of essay is usually developed to strengthen the fact that growth theory explains the long-run behavior of economic system with provided data and models. The essay as well discusses Neo-classical growth designs and also talks about what the term Long-Run identifies. I want to thank you for giving me this wonderful chance to work on this kind of essay. It is often an exciting encounter and a fantastic way to broaden my knowledge. If there is any issue regarding the composition, I will be privileged to answer these people.

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Antara Islam (2795)


At first, I would like to appreciate the Changeless Allah to be able to submit my composition on time. I possess my healthiest gratitude on the Director of your Institute and our study course instructor of Macro Economics, Dr . ShuddhasattwaRafiq, Associate Professor, Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar School for his guidance, support and the know-how he distributed to us. We would also like to express my greatest gratitude to all or any those allowed me to to prepare this kind of essay and shared all their experience with me to make this kind of more effective. It will be very difficult to complete this essay with no their correct guidance and their support.

Stand of Contents

Executive Overview | 5| Introduction:

1 . 1: Neoclassical Growth Model| 6

1 ) 2: Assumptions of Neoclassical Model| several

1 . three or more: Representation in the Neoclassical Expansion Model| almost eight

1 . 4: Long Run| 9

Books Review | 10

Tendencies of Economic climate Explained Through Neoclassical Expansion Theory| 2 . 1: Financial Growth| 14

2 . a couple of: The Determinants of Long-run Economic Growth2. 3: Just how Growth Theory Explains Long haul Behavior of the Economy2. 5: Mathematical framework2. 5: Macro-Production FunctionsImplementation of Growth Theory in the Economy of Developed Countries| 1213131415| Summary | 16

Reference | 18



Executive Summary

The neo-classical progress model is a type of economic models of long-run economic growth set inside the framework of neoclassical economics. The style is also called Solow-Swan progress model or exogenous growth model. Long-run behavior of your economy could be explained using the neoclassical development model. The[desktop] explains the long-run economic growth by simply analyzing productivity, population expansion, capital deposition and scientific progress of the country. The model exogenously determines the long –run growth of the economy. The model works on the prediction that the economy always converge towards a steady level of expansion, which is dependent on the rate of technological improvement and also the level of labor force growth. The neoclassical growth theory describes how a steady growth charge can be achieved with 3 major driving a car forces. As stated before those forces are capital, labor and technology. Those driving a car forces from the model may be used to explain the long-run habit of an economy. This article explains how a long-run habit of an economy can be discussed using the growth theory.


1 . you: Neoclassical...

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