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Fuel Economy of Indian Passenger Vehicles - Position of Technology and Potential FE Improvements



Dr . B. P. Pundir

Professor, Physical Engineering

American indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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November 08



0. 0 Summary4

1 . Introduction6

2 . Fuel Economy Specifications and Evaluation Methods throughout the World7 -- European Union

-- Japan


- Other countries

- CONVICCION Test Strategies

- Comparison of Fuel Economy in Different Check Cycles16 several. Engine and Vehicle Technology For Fuel Economy

- Motor vehicle Power Necessity

- Engine Technology

- Power Transmitting Train

-- Hybrid Automobiles

- Potential Fuel Economy Advancements of Systems (US Study) 4. Position of Technology of American indian Passenger Vehicles30

- Engine types

-- Gasoline cars

- Diesel powered Cars and MUVs

- Transmission Technology

- Summary of Of india Passenger Vehicle Technology

- IDI versus HSDI Diesel Engine Cars – Predictions on Gasoline Savings like a Case Study

your five. Fuel Economy Rules for American indian Vehicles35

6th. Fuel Economy Improvement Technologies for Indian Vehicles38 7. Findings and Conclusions40

8. References43

Appendix – A

Fuel Economy Technologies and Potential Gas efficiency 44 Advancements based on Findings of US Nationwide Academy of Sciences Appendix - B

Technology-wise Syndication of Of india Passenger Motor vehicle Models forty-five Appendix – C

Predictions on Gross annual Diesel Gasoline Savings Resulting from 49 Phasing out of Production of IDI Traveling Vehicles

Appendix – G

Fuel Economy Data for Indian Passenger Vehicles51


Monetary support was provided by the Greenpeace India Society just for this study. Thanks are because of Mr. L. Soumyabrata of Greenpeace India and Mr. Manoj Sharma of IIT Kanpur intended for providing aid in collection of specialized data pertaining to Indian automobiles.


Vehicle gas efficiency (FE) rules are staying implemented everywhere to conserve energy and for lowering of carbon dioxide exhausts. In the USA, fleet average FE standards were set starting from the year 1978, but these remained at standstill after the season 1992 until the year june 2006 when the criteria for light trucks were upgraded. The new standards intended for the light vans are based on motor vehicle size defined in terms of ‘footprint'. The new ALL OF US standards intended for cars are expected to be finished soon. The European Union standards derive from fleet averaged carbon dioxide exhausts while the Asia standards derive from vehicle weight. The EU has already established the standards suitable for the model year 2012 and Japan for the entire year 2015. America and The japanese standards are mandatory. The EU criteria are voluntary in characteristics so far nevertheless become necessary from the year 2012. Main fuel economy improvement technologies being pursued and implemented in modern gasoline vehicles will be; multi-valve machines with vvt and lift up, gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines with stratified demand lean blend or stoichiometric mixture, engine undersizing and turbocharging, and cylinder deactivation for 6- and 8-cylinder engines. In the diesel voyager vehicles, the IDI diesel-powered engine continues to be phased out nearly completely in Europe. It is replaced by the high speed direct injection (HSDI) engine that has usually 4-valves/cylinder, employs common rail diesel powered injection (CRDI) system and is also turbocharged with intercooling. Various other new technology like nonproductive stop-start systems, integrated starter- generators are being integrated. New part designs intended for reduction of engine chaffing are staying developed and low rubbing lubricants are utilized. Power transmission systems are using more...

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