Feminism PPT

 Feminism PPT Essay


Unit 7

Sociological Perspectives

Feminist Perspective

Feminism is a motion or a

trend that includes

women and men who wish the

world being equal without


These types of boundaries will be better

generally known as discrimination and

biases against gender, lovemaking

orientation, age, marital position

and monetary status.

Malestream Sociology

Feminists have asserted that sociology has

recently been dominated by male theoristsmalestream sociology. Abbott and Wallace (1997) argued that because of this sociology

is definitely biased and never enough attention has been

paid to can certainly issues.

Everybody views the world with his or perhaps her

individual sense of gender and equality.

Feminists view the globe as being unequal.

They wish to begin to see the gender gap and the

proven fact that men happen to be superior to ladies

decreased and even abolished.

Feminism is normally seen as an example of a

conflict style. There are three main types of

feminist approach

пЃ¶ Marxist


пЃ¶ Major


пЃ¶ Liberal


Marxist Feminism

Marxist feminist see girls,

especially doing work class women as

oppressed both by capitalism through

men and also the patriarchal world.

Women develop the next generation

of workers.

That they meet the physical, emotional

and social demands of their kids so

they may be ready to operate the offices,

factories for the future.

They support their husbands and lovers, cook foods and maintain the children and clean their house – pertaining to no shell out.

They are dominated by their partners and they are also

subsidising market.

The family members would not be equipped for work in the event that somebody would not take responsibility for home life, it can be argued, continues to be the primary responsibility of women.

Revolutionary Feminism

Intended for radical feminists it is not capitalism that

rules women but men.

The family is seen as an patriarchal establishment.

They view the socialisation of women as

housewives and mothers as a type of oppression

and this oppression as a character of nuclear

relatives life.

Tolerante Feminism

Open-handed feminists will argue that improvements

have taken place.

They believe that through changing

attitudes and legislations such as the

Equal Spend Act (1970) and The Sexual intercourse

Discrimination Act (1975) there is more

equal rights.

Liberal feminists believe that

improvements will continue by means of

laws and policy.

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