Below, you can find helpful answers to all frequently asked questions about our custom paper writing service. For you added convenience, they are divided into a few basic categories.

General Information about Orders

  • How does this service work? Visit a special page that explains more about the main characteristics of our work and provides you with a detailed guide.
  • How can I place my order? You only need to fill out a special online order form to provide us with the necessary information about a required academic paper. Alternatively, you can contact our helpful managers through emails, live chats, and phone calls to do the same.
  • How should I fill out an online order form? Here, you can find two different order forms: shorter and more extended. The first one is easy to find on our main page, while our extended form is available after clicking the button in its right corner. It’s advisable to choose the second one if you want to specify such important order details as your deadlines, extra materials, or other requirements. Once our online form is filled out, feel free to proceed to next steps, such as creating your personal account and making a safe payment.
  • Can I get any discounts for my order? We have a great pricing policy with excellent discounts and friendly rates, especially for our loyal customers. Contact our qualified customer support team to find out more about available offers and your eligibility to get them. Besides, it’s possible to get special discounts for your large orders.
  • Where can I submit additional files for writers? To do that, you need to view a particular order after logging into a personal account, and this is where you can upload the necessary files manually. Another option is contacting our customer support via any convenient method to submit these files, and our specialists will send them to assigned writers instantly.
  • Can you find specific sources for my order? Our paper writing company has a number of reliable online sources and databases to get the necessary one. Of course, it’s impossible to do everything, but we do our best to dig it out. If you can’t find certain articles, books, or other sources, you should notify us and we will find the right solution for your needs.
  • How can I check the status of online orders? If you want to get updates about the status of your orders, feel free to contact our customer care professionals or proceed to a personal account to leave relevant comments. Just be patient and wait for our fast response because our competent editors and writers will contact you as soon as they can.

FAQ about the Order Completion

  • What Can I do if I’m not happy with my order? We check all orders by the latest and most advanced plagiarism detection programs before sending them to customers. However, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the paper you get for any reasons, you’re eligible to ask our company for free revisions after order deadlines. This means that our writers are willing to fix everything based on your personal comments, but make sure that your revision requirements don’t violate original order instructions.
  • What if I need urgent changes made to orders? Our specialists do everything possible to be helpful, efficient, and available around the clock, so they can make the necessary changes fast.
  • What if I need my college paper really soon? How can I get it done? You can receive the ordered paper within the deadlines specified when filling out our online order form. If you have any extra questions, contact our helpful team.
  • How will I receive my finished paper? Each order is uploaded to a personal account after its completion, and our company always sends email notifications about it.
  • Do you offer any editing and proofreading services? We understand their importance for students who have their drafts and want to hire our writing professionals to improve their content. However, both services require clients to upload their initial texts because they don’t have to pay us for writing academic papers from scratch. Our proofreading and editing services are defined as certain changes of your drafts, formatting them properly, and proofreading your content.

Information about Our Writers

  • Who will complete my order? All customer orders are completed by our qualified and trained writers who specialize in a wide range of topics and have the experience necessary to write the best paper accurately and fast.
  • How qualified are your writing specialists? They all are seasoned professionals who have their knowledge, talents, skills, and expertise to provide you with quality services.
  • Is it possible to contact them personally? All clients can contact assigned writers through their personal panel, and their effective cooperation is also ensured by our customer care team members.

Payment and Plagiarism Matters

  • Do you offer money back guarantees? Our company has a money back policy and resolves all disputes fairly, so you can get a refund when needed.
  • Are your academic papers 100% original? We guarantee that all of our customers get 100% plagiarism-free orders because they are always checked for copied parts.
  • Is your paper writing service safe and confidential? Yes, it’s absolutely anonymous and secure.

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