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Unit of studyITD1010

Conversation for the Computer Professional

Analysis TitleResearch Project #1

Investigation into Social Networking sites to advertise business growth and Growing technologies.

Assessment TypeResearch task


WeightingThis analysis is worth forty percent of your result for this product of examine Due dateProgress report #1 due through email Week 8

Due Mon September ninth 8: 30am via email

This evaluation forms component to your profile

Due dateProgress report #2 due via email Week 11

Due Wednesday October fourteenth 8: 30am via email

This assessment forms element of your portfolio

Due dateProgress report #3 due by means of email Week 15

Due Mon November eleventh 8: 30am via email

This evaluation forms a part of your portfolio

Due dateFinal Report Week 17 Last report CANNOT be emailed. Thanks Monday The fall of 25th being unfaithful: 15am well-defined.

It MUST be printed/bound/professionally presented.

Unless normally specified, credited dates are identical day since the initial scheduled class of the week. Note: You will also be physicaly presenting your report to your class in WEEK 16. Please refer to the Presentation assessment sheet for more details. The presentation is actually a separate examination item. Syndication after this particular date / period will be treated as a RESIT and thus your second attempt. ) There will be VIRTUALLY NO TIME ALLOCATED during WEEK seventeen class for you to finalise your assignment. It requires to be accomplished when you appear to. The final report May not be emailed mainly because it needs to be literally bound for example ring capturing. (The ASSISTE A library presents a binding service to get a small fee) You must place your name and VU pupil ID about all products submitted for assessment You should include a regular assignment THAT cover linen. This does not need to be bound to the document, it could be inserted beneath the front site clear acetate. Cover sheets are available upon drive S i9000 and/or your instructors Learning Management System (CANVAS / WebCT etc) Should you not pass this kind of assignment (ie if you do not acquire a minimum tag of 20) you will be able to cheat again and resubmit it, however you will only manage to achieve a mark of twenty or a pass for this second attempt

Submitter Instructions

The last report should be BOUND. The library includes a binding services where you can take your file. Spiral sure with clear acetate the front cover is suitable. You cannot insert pages into any folder that has obvious sleeves since this is NOT binding, it must be destined. Ring holding is preferable, please start to see the library well before the due date to check alternatives. Unbound information will not be accepted.

You should have the assignment completed BEFORE the last due date this means you have the perfect time to correct any kind of problems before they occur. Allow your self plenty of time since this demonstrates time supervision skills. You instructor will be happy to check reports approximately 3 working days PRIOR to the evaluation. Please tend not to send them reports to evaluate after this time as they may well not have enough time to provide you with feedback. The document has to be properly referenced. Your category will cover tips on how to reference analysis material. The VU design guide exists from here: Please make use of the Harvard Style guide once referencing material.

Resources needed

Internet / library solutions.

Description of task

You're going to be required to set a report examining current Networking communities and producing recommendations concerning how a organization should move forward implementing activities such as in accordance to the scenario since described.

The report does not only contain your quest from 5 Social Media items but you will also cover the right way to implement it may it always be chosen by management staff.

Additionally you will be exploring emerging technology tools you believe would be useful to the business.


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