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Haematology and Serum Biochemical Profile of Weaner Rabbits Fed Yam Peels by Graded levels as a Replacement for Maize Mohammed, L. and ⃰Y. Garba

Section of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Bayero College or university, PMB 3011, Kano. Matching author email: [email protected] com

⃰ Centre for Dryland Agriculture Bayero Unoversity Kano.


Serum haematology and biochemical profile of weaner rabbits given graded degrees of yam peels replacing maize were evaluated. The try things out which lasted fifty-six days using 12-15 weaner rabbits was set in a randomized complete obstruct design applying five dietary treatments with three replications each. The dietary remedies evaluated were 5%, 10%, 15%, twenty percent and 0% inclusion degree of yam peels replacing maize. Results uncovered significant (p

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