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Assignment 1

Chapter 1:

1 . 2) What is the OSI protection architecture?

Ans) A Systematic technique of defining the requirements for secureness and characterizing the ways to satisfying all of them is generally defined as " OSI security architecture”. This was designed as an international standard.

Centers of OSI Security Buildings:

1) Secureness attacks – action that compromises the security of information possessed by a company. 2) Security mechanism – designed to detect, prevent, or perhaps recover from a security attack. 3) Security support – designed to counter reliability attacks. 1 ) 3) The actual difference among passive and active protection threats? Ans) Passive Dangers makes attempt to learn or make use of data from the system but would not affect any system methods whereas energetic threats require modification of the data stream. So in passive attack a hacker intrudes your body, and holds back for some useful information. In an active strike a hacker tries to get the valuable info by using his abilities instead of depending on the ignorance of the sufferer. Example intended for passive attack: A key logger which sends the type given by the victim to a hacker with a network (LAN). Example pertaining to Active strike: Using Brute force to crack the password of a system.

1 ) 5) List and quickly define types of security service

Ans) The major categories of security service happen to be namely:

Confidentially: The protection of data via unauthorized disclosure by security and decryption-preserving authorized limitations on data access and disclosure, including means for guarding personal privateness and amazing information. Authentication: The confidence that the conversing entity is the one that it statements to be. The challenge of documentation is often regarded as identical to that particular of authentication; many widely adopted regular security protocols, obligatory rules, and even code are based on this kind of...

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