Demand and provide Analysis

 Demand and Supply Analysis Analysis Paper

Theory of cost:

Types of CostsВ

• Fixed cost – Fixed cost involves each of the expenditure performed on fixed factors of production. However , the fixed costs stay constant i. e. they just do not vary together with the level of end result. For instance, curiosity, insurance high grade, rent and wages of permanent personnel are labeled as fixed costs. В

• Variable cost – Variable expense can be defined as the fee that will remain frequent i. e. it may differ with the degree of output. For example , salaries of employees hired on day by day basis and expenditure produced on fuel, power and raw materials. В

• Opportunity expense – It is pretty true the fact that resources are limited; which means production of one commodity can only be made feasible at the cost of other. The favorable that is given up is the chance cost of the commodity created. В

• Accounting price – The accounting cost describes actual spending incurred during the production. В

• Financial cost – Aggregate of implicit cost, usual profits and explicit cost. В

• Explicit cost – Explicit price embraces each of the money obligations done to the suppliers whom provide the company with unprocessed trash or a great many other equipments employed in production and so forth В

• Implicit expense – Implicit value is the aggregate cost of self owned or operated resources. В

Total price curves in short runВ

• Total Fixed Cost (TFC)В

Total Set Cost (TFC) is a direct line competition that does not change with the standard of output, even in the situation when ever output is zero device or one hundred units that remains same all through the program. For example , fascination on bonds, insurance high grade etc is known as as total fixed cost. В

• Total Variable Cost (TVC)В

Total Adjustable cost is the fee that is immediately proportional to output which usually implies that TVC increases when ever output improves and decreases when ever output lessens. В

• Total Cost (TC)В

Total Cost (TC) is derived with the help of Total set cost (TFC) and Total variable cost (TVC). All the changes happening in TC are because of changes in TVC due to the fact that TFC remains regular. В


Where, В

TC = Total CostВ

TFC sama dengan Total Set CostВ

TVC = Total Variable CostВ


The table below highlights the relation between TFC, TVC and TC.


Unit cost figure in short runВ

• Common Fixed Expense (AFC)

Presently there exist a great inverse association between AFC and output which signifies that AFC diminishes with increase in output and vice-versa. В



AFC = Average Fixed Cost

TFC= Total Fixed Expense

Q= Products of result

• Average Variable Price (AVC)

Average Variable cost can be conveniently calculated by dividing Total Variable Price by outcome.



AVC = Average Adjustable Cost

TVC = Total Variable Expense

Q = Units of outputВ

• Average Total cost (ATC) or Typical cost (AC)

Average Total cost or Average cost can be estimated by some of the two strategies mentioned listed below:

First method;


In which,

ATC sama dengan Average Total Cost

TC = Total Cost

Q = Units of outcome

Second approach; В


Where, В

ATC = Average Total Cost

AFC = Average Fixed Cost

AVC sama dengan Average Varying Cost

• Marginal Cost (MC)

MC can be defined as the rise in total expense resulting from to one unit embrace the level of outcome. В

MC = О”TC /О”Q


MC sama dengan Marginal Expense

О”TC = Change in Total Cost

О”Q = Enhancements made on Quantity


The stand below highlights the regards between TC, AC and MC:


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Development function and Factors of production

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