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Comparative Citation: AIR2003SC189, 2003(1)ALLMR(SC)391, 2002(6)ALT1(SC), 2003 3 AWC (Supp)2238SC, 100(2002)DLT691(SC), I(2003)DMC73SC, 2002GLH(22)665, 2002GLH(665)22, (2003)1GLR148, ILR2002(3)Kerala545, 2003(1)JLJ171(SC), JT2002(9)SC175, 2002-4-LW512, 2003(1)OLR650, RLW2007(3)SC2531, 2004(8)SCALE115, (2003)1SCC49, 2003(1)UC143, 2003 (1)UJ1, 2003(2)WLN665


Decided On: 25. 10. 2002

Appellants: Salem Advocate Pub Association


Respondent: Union of India (UOI)

Hon'ble Judges/Coram:

M. N. Kirpal, C. M., Y. T. Sabharwal and Dr . Arijit Pasayat, JJ. Subject: Civil


Code of City Procedure, 1908 (CPC) - Section one particular; Code of Civil Treatment (CPC) (Amendment) Act, 99; Code of Civil Method (CPC) (Amendment) Act, 2002 *Case Be aware:

Code of Civil Method, 1908 (Central Act a few of 1908 as amended by Action 46 of 1999 and Act twenty-two of 2002) - Conditions are not in any way ultra vires of the Metabolic rate or with no legislative competence.

These writ petitions have been completely filed trying to challenge changes made to the Code of Civil Treatment by amendments made in 99 and 2002. After see was issued in T. A. 496/2002, the Petitioner sought to withdraw a similar. But the prayer was rejected as the petition have been filed in public areas interest. At the request from the court Shri C. S. Vaidyanathan, Elderly Advocate and Shri K. V. Viswanathan agreed to support the Courtroom as Backup. Even though not any submission for the effect that any of the supply in the Work are in anyway extra vires in the Constitution or perhaps lacking in legal competence, focus of the courtroom was attracted to some of the amendments which have been made out of a view to demonstrate that there might be practical difficulties in employing the same. It had been submitted that clarifications may be necessary in implementing these provisions. Getting rid of the petitions;


Inside the petitions, the amendments that have been sought to become made by the aforesaid modification Acts, have been completely challenged, yet we do not realize that the stated provisions will be in any way extremely vires the Constitution. None Mr. Vaidyanathan nor some other learned Advice made any kind of submissions towards the effect that any of the conditions of the Metabolism. We have as well gone through the provisions with which amendments have been made and don't find any kind of constitutional infirmity in the Same.



Cooperation Law College, NOIDA

Code of Detrimental Procedure, 1908 (Central Action 5 of 1908 since amended by simply Act of 1999 and 2002)--Section 27--Words " on such day not over and above thirty days in the date of institution in the suit" just means " steps ought to be taken within just thirty days from your date of institution with the suit to issue summons".


The words added by amendment, seems like, fix external time frame, by giving that measures must be considered within 1 month from the day of the organization of the fit, to concern summons. Basically, if the fit is implemented, for example , on 1st January, 2002, then a correct address of the Defendants and the process fee has to be filed in the court inside thirty days so that summons be issued by the court not further than thirty days from your date with the institution in the suit. The object is to prevent long hold off in issue of summons for want of methods by the Plaintiff". It is quite apparent that if all that is necessary to be done by a party, has become performed in the period of thirty days, then no fault can be caused by the get together. If for virtually any reason, the court is usually not in a situation or is unable to or will not issue Summons within thirty days, there will, in our opinion, compliance with the procedures of Section 27 when within four weeks of the issue of the summons the party concerned provides taken steps to file the method fee along with completing the other formalities that are required to enable the the courtroom to issue the subpoena.

Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Central Act five of 1908 as changed by Act of 99...

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