Women's Functions of the 18th Century

 Women’s Roles of the 18th Century Essay

Women's Roles inside the 18th Century

Holly Thompson

Professor Cheri Reiser

Mankind 112


During the eighteenth century, girls were treated like slaves. They had little authority regarding anything. Girls didn't have right to political election or the directly to own real estate. Only a spinster or perhaps widow female could own and deal with property until they hitched. Women were owned by the husband just like he owned material belongings. Many women had been trapped in loveless partnerships and those with out families were seen as outcasts. The husband was legally allowed to beat his wife to get disobedience. Divorces were hardly ever granted and women usually went away from awful marriages. While reading, I will discuss the anticipations of women, two important females of contemporary society, and the jobs of women today.

Women had been expected to perform a lot of labor work in the property. Being a better half and mom was the women's main profession. Some of their responsibilities were to supply the friends and family, make the garments, clean the property, care for your children, and serve as a registered nurse and midwife. Women had been considered less strong than guys and unable to perform work requiring physical and intellectual development. There are numerous stereotypes regarding women. One common one is " a female's place is in the home”. Black women worked well in the fields and in the property. Free white women may often discover employment as maids, at home cooks, laundresses, or perhaps seamstresses. The diaries of ladies in the eighteenth century talk about long hours of ironing, cleaning, baking, sewing, and knitting.

In the 19th century, women began functioning outside the residence. Women and kids worked twelve hours per day in poorly ventilated rooms. By 1870, one 6th of citizen college and university students were women. They normally studied to be nurses or teachers. A lot of women studied to own their own businesses, including sewing shops, clothing retailers, and cafГ©'s. At this point over time, women were still constrained from a whole lot of...

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