Combining Job Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis intended for Accident and Incident Evaluation: a Case Analyze from Bulgaria

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 Combining Task Analysis and Fault Woods Analysis pertaining to Accident and Incident Research: a Case Analyze from Bulgaria Essay

(the newspaper was shown at Euro ESREL conference, Estoril, England, 2006)

ABSTRACT: Understanding the causes of incident and accident event is important pertaining to an organisa-tion's safety. Several methods have been developed to accomplish this goal. To higher understand the individual behaviour in incident happening we recommend a evaluation concept that combines Fault Tree Evaluation (FTA) and Task Research (TA). These methods were complemented with the aid of the Human Problem Identification in System Equipment (HEIST) method and the notion of Performance Shaping Factors (PSF) to expand the in-sight into the mistake modes associated with an operator's conduct. To show the validity with the approach, an instance study for a Bulgarian Hydro power plant was accomplished. An occurrence – the flooding with the plant's basements – was ana-lysed by simply combining the afore-mentioned strategies. With our case study we present that Activity Analysis in combi-nation to methods can be applied successfully to human error research, revealing details about errone-ous actions in a practical situation.


Injuries and incidents have occurred because the in-vention in the first equipment and the start of the industrial wave. Despite the initiatives of the human race to prevent or perhaps avoid them, they will continue to happen. The reasons for happening are often com-plex. An accident may have 10 or more events which can be counted since causes (Seton, 2006). One particular failure may lead to another and a chain response may propa-gate through obstacles and time for you to produce a great unde-sired event. The most common reasons for acci-dent/incident happening are failing of people, gear, supplies, or surroundings to behave or perhaps react needlessly to say. Understanding so why accidents/incidents arise and how to prevent them is vital in our modern world. The works of (Hollnagel, 1998), (Johnson, 2003), (Kirwan, 1994) and (Petersen, 1996) are of excep-tional importance to that end. Most classic engineering accident/incident analysis approaches focus on the technical compo-nents of the program that failed. An exception is the HAZOP approach (Redmill & Chudleigh & Catmur, 1999), which is aimed at human mistake in the con-text of a specialized system and was developed for the process and chemical industry. Today, due to the complexity in the processes working and the man-machine interface, the share of human problem in acci-dents/incidents occurrence has grown. As re-ported by the Federal Aviation Administration (Clemens, 2002) " … more than 70 % of all failures of slated commercial aeroplanes are induced directly by ‘controlled flight' into terrain. ” The same percentage (human error contribution) holds intended for the substance industry. This paper is definitely divided in 7 areas. It reveals the reasons to get accidents/incidents occurrence in Bulgar-ian industry – an aspiring EU affiliate country. Part 3 features the basic ideas of acci-dents/incidents analysis. Another chapter paintings the concepts of the recommended analysis procedure, fol-lowed by presentation of your case study carried out at a Bulgarian power plant, where the idea was utilized. We near by presenting the results obtained from the application of the analysis way and give a lot of conclusions. 2 . SAFETY IN BULGARIAN SECTOR

2 . 1Health and Security Conditions of in Bulgar-ian industry Getaway has regarding 30 big (large) probably haz-ardous vegetation on the territory, which includes power vegetation (hydro, thermal, and nuclear), refineries, production plants (chemical, metallurgical, machine, etc) and a dockyard (SACP, 2005). The remaining power, met-allurgical and chemical vegetation on the place of Getaway, smaller in size or capacity compared to these 30, should be as well considered when ever ac-counting to get the total range of plants with high risk production unit. According to the analysis, of the Exec Agency (EA) " Time inspection” (EAGLI, 2004), (EAGLI, 2005a), (EAGLI, 2005b) intended for provision of health and...

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