Com250 Composition

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Appendix A

Midterm Exam

Response each question below. Answers should be around 100 phrases per problem.

1 . Exactly what the different types of social media that exist today? Give examples of several social media and their primary reasons. Blogging, social media, video writing, instant messaging, wiki web sites, Blogging- sites which contain articles in chronological, diary like form, often with reader responses and links to other websites. Sociable networking- like MySpace, face book, Friendster is a lot of common sites. Video sharing- uploads like from you tube and everyone different can view it. Instant messaging- enables users to send and receive current computer messages, also a quickly growing feature since the late 1990s. Wiki site- enables anyone to edit and bring about them. Cases are wiki travel and Wikipedia.

installment payments on your What are the best benefits of social networking for individuals and society? Social websites provides throughout the world coverage, disregarding news, to succeed in a larger and broader reader than normal media stores by themselves. Comfortable access when attempting to find something like directions, talk to someone over across the globe for free.

several. What are the highest problems of social media for individuals and contemporary society? One awful thing pertaining to social media is definitely online potential predators that target pacific cycles people. Online hackers can get your personal information genuine easy; your daily life isn't non-public on the internet. Having online fraud, identification theft, and phishing.

some. How have got modern social media sites affected commerce? Include great and adverse examples within your answer. Lots of people use the internet every day, despite knowing that transmitting any kind of personal information on-line can make them vulnerable to on the web fraud. A positive aspect of this can be that you can to use home and do all your shopping and having to pay bills inside your comfort of own home with the hassle to be in long lines and coping with people..

5. How has got the Internet altered the...

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