Persona Theory: Abraham Maslow.

 Personality Theory: Abraham Maslow. Essay

Of all the specialists and their hypotheses, the one I find many interesting and believe the most in is usually Abraham Maslow. I believe his hierarchy of needs can be real and this people do fall in among the levels of his pyramid. Many people start at a bottom level in life and attempt to reach a higher level of financial and educational stability together with a satisfying job. We all have got basic requirements in life and when we have these we rise the corporate to higher achievements in life.

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who researched the Humanistic aspects of mindset. He became interested in mindset after studying John Watson and his advantages to the behavioral theory. In 1943, Maslow created a pyramid he referred to as the Hierarchy of Requirements. This pyramid was based on a person's simple lower has to the higher needs in one's life.

Maslow disapproved of behaviorism sometime later it was on required a similar direction as Freud and his articles. He accepted the existence of the unconscious however he compared with Freud's confidence that the higher part of who also we are is usually hidden past our mind. Maslow thought that all for the most part we are aware of each of our actions and that without road blocks in our life that we all may become mentally fit people who have a greater comprehension of whom we could and better able to accept the world we reside in. In areas that Freud saw pessimism or adverse behavior within a person's life, Maslow appeared for more advantages in mankind.

Maslow believed that we are generally born with certain requires and without conference these has to have a person was sure to perish. The first and lower part level of his hierarchy was physiological demands such as friendliness, shelter, and food. Physiological needs were concerned with a biological stability and homeostasis or balance. Without these simple needs a person would not be able to thrive.

The second levels of the pyramid were to get security requires. These included living in a secure area away from any threat or physical threats. This is...

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