Case Study - Eslsca Workplace Physical violence

 Case Study -- Eslsca Workplace Violence Dissertation


Supervised Simply by


Dr . Hisam Sadek

Prepared By


Abubakr A. Ali



Case - 1, Assault in Places of work



18, Nov 2013




Stand of Items

1 Trouble Definition

Violence at place of work:

Happened by means of physical abuse and danger, that causes the murder of three supervisors with crystal clear intentions through the murdered.

two Justification from the Problem

Violence at your workplace may come via

Unfair treatment

Unjust dismissal

Not enough equality

Persecution of administrators or Managers.

Workplace not safe and healthy and balanced enough.

a few List of Alternatives

1 . Physical violence Prevention System

installment payments on your Workplace Basic safety Plans and Safety Specifications

a few. Clear Procedures to prevent physical violence in work environment

4 Assess Alternatives

4. you Violence Avoidance Program

As every single organization provides different conditions, The Violence Prevention System will study The organization workplace individual manners, attitudes, and organizational tradition

Violence Prevention Plan gives true analysis pertaining to the current scenario and can determine the real explanations why violence happened at this office. (Regarding Individual, group and organizational actions and cultures)

Also it will focus on the enhancement of personal strengths, conflict resolution and the progress community human relationships.

Also studying how to stop, How to reduce the frequency of violence and preventing this to return to come back. Will help organization to stop violence and stopping it back once again

By the end of this system Organization can monitor and control virtually any workplace problems and occasions and take the protective and corrective actions.

Program should have:

Management Dedication.

Worker engagement.

Workshop regarding

Tips on how to resolve issues at place of work.

How to help workers & employees and give them actual solutions; what they should or should not do. Risk of violence assessment....

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