Automobiles and Around the world

 Cars and Global Warming Composition

Cars, Emissions and global warming


majd masri zada

ENGL 201


Thesis: Although cars are the most effective sorts of vehicles, the widening number of vehicles and large amount of emissions happen to be affecting the life span on the planet in a number of ways. - Counter disagreement: the support of usage of cars

1 . Effects upon Nature:

a. Maximize of Air pollution:

i. Air pollution of atmosphere

ii. The smell of smells emitted

m. Dangers of boosting the ozone gap

2 . Effects of Human beings:

a. Basic affects everywhere over the body

n. Impact of Blood

c. Central nervous system devastation

d. Threats of various types of cancer

3. Strategies to emissions:

c. Installing Filtration

d. Lowering the rate of driving

elizabeth. Using much less emitting Vehicles

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more based on cars as ways of transportations. It is uncommon to find a relatives that doesn't have at least one car! Although vehicles are the best types of transportation, the ever-growing number of cars is affecting the eco-system because of the great quantity of emissions regardless of the scale engines as well as the difference in fuel intake from one car to another. I am just a big supporter of the automotive world and speed personally, but when considering saving the environment, we all ought to give up a few of our patterns in order to keep the earth clean and pollution-free.

Many persons think that cars are not a significant contributor in global warming, though studies revealed that emissions are really dangerous on the environment. People are assisting the usage of vehicles because they are wonderful sorts of transportations, real thrillers...


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