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Company audit is concerned with the behavioural & internal nature of brand name equity, not really the economic dimension, and it will be talked about in terms of the strength of a brand's equity and the things behind it. In the managing of a manufacturer, the building, strengthening, and growing of their equity will certainly lead to a much more positive contribution to market benefit for the corporation. But from a strategic brand management viewpoint, one is focused on measures that will aid better manage that value. If powerful, the monetary value of a brand name will require care of by itself.

The real benefit for conducting a brandname audit is that it helps provide a look at the current state of knowledge about a brand's equity as well as providing a clean understanding of the brand name. It will also give a better understanding of what position advertising and also other marketing communication has played out and can play in maintaining your brand.

But , the most crucial question which usually comes to the mind is actually should be reviewed? In a word, every thing at least everything that is fairly available and certain to be relevant to the brand. Clearly, this will include any latest research which was conducted intended for the brand, nevertheless also research of general market trends and other information about the category, syndication channels, competitive activity etc .

2 . COMPANY AUDIT: Ambassador Garment and Trade Plc:

The brand which we have used for review is Ambassador Garment and trade plc. It is one of many premium players in the go well with market operating, in Ethiopia. The point which is intriguing into a researcher is how Delegate has taken care of its value in the country. The variety of standardization & localization in Ambassador's goods has enabled the company to become renowned brand in Ethiopia.

3. THE: Ambassador Dress and Control Plc

Legate is one of the leading garment industries in Ethiopia. It's a predesigned suite production company primarily engaged in creating quality fits, coats and trousers. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, skilled man power and good quality production management system


Produce top quality suits in affordable price coming from technology driven fabrics and satisfy the demands of fits.


-- To be superior regional-brand in Africa within the manufacturing of men's fits. - To generate sound business in the global market in particular


All of us classify the vast array of merchandise consumers purchase on the basis of purchasing habits. We distinguish between convenience, buying, specialty, and unsought merchandise. As Delegate deals with fits it can be classified as buying good as consumer characteristically compares about such facets as appropriateness, quality, value, and style.

a few. 2 . PLACE

Successful worth creation demands successful benefit delivery. Healthy marketers are increasingly going for a value network view with their businesses. Rather than limiting their very own focus to their immediate suppliers, distributors, and consumers, they are really examining the complete supply string that backlinks raw materials, elements, and made goods and shows the way they move toward the final customers. Ambassador discusses customer sections and views a wide range of several possible methods to sell, deliver, and service their offerings. 3. 3. RETAIL OUTLETS

Promoting channels will be sets of independent companies involved in the means of making a product or service or support available for make use of or intake. Ambassador Garment, the leading fit manufacturer in Ethiopia, provides opened around 68 retailers at prime locations in Ethiopia. The businesses sell the Ambassador's array of accessories which includes suits, footwear, shirts, and ties. The shops present a vintage experience to discerning consumers through well- designed and well-maintained interiors, attractive exhibits, superb assortments, spacious moves, and properly trained sales people.

3. four MARKETING...

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