Atmospheric Pollution in Beijing and the Remedy Based on Traffic Planning

 Atmospheric Air pollution in Beijing and the Option Based on Targeted traffic Planning Dissertation

Atmospheric Polluting of the environment in Beijing and the Answer Based on Traffic Planning Xu Zhao

JRSB101, Communications I

Jackie Quantz, Instructor

December, 02, 2010


The following report introduces the key reasons of air pollution in Beijing - Coal burning and vehicle emissions. Likewise, the survey analyzes the present situation of Beijing - private cars increased speedily in recent years and public traffic cannot meet the demand of the. Comparing Beijing with Hong Kong and Tokyo, the record offers a brand new method in air pollution control from the perspective on of building Beijing to be a " mega-city”. Beijing is not just the capital of China, although also the culture and economic center of Chinese suppliers. Large everlasting residents and floating inhabitants make it possible for Beijing to become a " mega-city”. At the same time, the inter-city railway and highway be able that several cities to get satellite towns of Beijing. According to the targeted traffic in Beijing, the report proposes steps to in " mega-city”, including customizing urban design, controlling the make use of private automobiles, improving general public travel effectiveness and lowering exhaust emissions. In brief, building Beijing to become " mega-city” so as to decrease the per capital carbon exhausts is a solution to solve the condition of smog. Table of Contents




Research Methodology4


1 . Current situation in Beijing5

2 . Methods to atmosphere air pollution based on traffic planning8 three or more. Develop Beijing into a " mega city" 10




Figure 1: Emission amount and main causes of CO 6th

Figure two: Consommation annuelle carburant equiparable personne9

Atmospheric Pollution in Beijing and the Solution Depending on Traffic Planning

This paper aims to analyze the relationship between urban traffic and air quality in Beijing. The objective of this conventional paper is to examine a new structure which allows the communication between transport emissions and air pollutant concentrations. The survey would provide a new program that promotes economic development while minimizing atmosphere air pollution impacts. The appearance of the system as well as the results from it is feasibility research for the mega-city of Beijing happen to be discussed; quality run still in progress needs to be addressed in future works.


Road transport is now one of the most significant sources of atmospheric pollution in Beijing. The amount of vehicles grows by about 10 % every year and there were more than 4 mil vehicles towards the end of 2009. The continuous traffic development has elevated concerns over the impact of traffic exhausts on urban environmental quality, and features fuelled the necessity for a coherent regulatory structure for the management of traffic, air quality and release at metropolitan level, as well as at regional and national scales. From visitors planning point of view, the successful measures to further improve Beijing's quality of air should be: setting up reasonable traffic routes and traffic areas, strengthening the general public traffic function, distributing appropriate public transportation middle and promoting the subway.

Research Strategy

To make certain the insurance coverage of survey writing presented in this statement is thorough, information was collected coming from a variety of resources. This includes a few excellent content from the sources of NAIT library. A multitude of00 web-based papers and on the web journals were consulted to add variety towards the report. And then, an interview was conducted with Sheng Zhao, the immediate manager of Beijing Travel Bureau, to verify the accuracy and reliability of the time used in this report as well as to confirm the validity of the resources used in the report.

Body system

Air pollution is usually one of China's most pressing environmental problems and vehicle emissions would be the most important supply of ambient smog. Walsh (2000) estimates that...

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