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Sales possess increased through the years, but the price of this boost is certainly not steady. The highest sales stage was in 2006. Cost of revenue and expenses with the exception of additional expenses have got increased at a steady charge. Other functioning expenses have fluctuated through the years; the lowest level was in the first yr with the maximum being in 2006. Finance cost seems to have come to a peak in 2006 and the fallen by 2008. Net Profit following Tax employs a similar style to product sales. CC3 CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET

Reveal capital has exploded over the years and spiked in 2008. Long-term financing displays a maximum in 2006. The deferred taxes liabilities have remained pretty much the same. Control and other payables show an abrupt increase in 2006. Markup accumulated reaches a peak in 2005. The existing portion of long-term financing reveals a maximum in the initial year, diminishes in the second and then gets to a constant level. Total debts increase and reach a peak at 2008. There exists an increase in house, plant and equipment because of expansion in 2008. Long-term advance declines over the years. Long lasting deposits continue to be constant. Stocks and shares, spares and loose tools show a sudden rise in 2006 and 08 both. Share in control increases quickly in 2006 and continues to grow at a rapid price until 2008. Trade financial obligations reach a peak in 2005 and after that fluctuate in regards to value in following years. Current property double in 2005 and 2008 equally. CC4 STATEMENTS OF CASH MOVES

Depreciation has grown at a steady rate through the years. Operating income before seed money changes offers largely fluctuated, increasing into a peak 5 years ago and slipping again. The best point can be observed in 08. Finance costs have reduced in 2008 by nearly half. Retailers and stocks and shares increase at a steady rate but show a surge in 2008. Trade debt reach a peak 5 years ago and then vary. Other receivables, however , demonstrate an increase. Net cash by operating activities shows a peak in 2006. The greatest conjunction with plant, property and machines are witnessed in 2008. Net cash used in investing actions reaches a peak t 2008. Net cash found in financing actions shows an upward trend with a maximum in 2008. Cash and cash variation show a peak in 2008, which has a smaller optimum in 2006. *CC5 FIVE-YEAR GROWTH RATES Revenue and net-income have increased over the years however the per-share answers are different as the number of stocks goes up considerably in 2008, reducing per-share values and making growth rates adverse. No returns were paid in the initially two years and as a result, the growth in dividends every share continues to be 100%. Value per share has shown a growth over the years. Giving more stocks and shares has resulted in lower sales and net income per discuss. The unfavorable effect is very felt upon net income every share. This is not a good indication for the business, as it can negatively impact share prices financial markets. Financing the expansion in 2008 with a growth in equity has been a great unreasonable step.



Govt levies reach an all time low in 06\, resulting in larger net product sales for the same year. Cost of sales is cheapest in 2006 and reaches peaks in 2008, with the end result that gross profit is usually lowest in 2008 and highest 5 years ago. Other working incomes dip and then boost. Distribution costs and management costs equally follow a identical trend, dipping in june 2006 and then growing steadily. Appropriately, in 2006, there exists a peak in profit from functions of 36% of sales and the drop in 08 to 10%, attributable to the movement in cost of revenue. Net profit after taxation shows a peak of 21% of sales 5 years ago. This can immediately be attributed to the low expense of goods sold in the same year. 2006 is the most lucrative year in the period. CC7 COMMON SIZE BALANCE BEDSHEETS

Share capital as a percentage of possessions has rejected over the years. The organization goes coming from reporting an accumulated loss in a considerable 38%, to...

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